MMMMMMM Hot guitar players


Let’s talk about something other then kindergarten for five minutes ok?
I’ve been to about five Poison concerts over the past 20 years. They have and probably always will be my most favorite band of all time.

Now I know goodness knows poor Bret is toeing a line with the third installment of Rock of Love but I still love him. C.C. has always been a close third (right behind Tommy Lee) in my “OH MY GOD” he’s so hot game.

Yeah yeah I know CC has kind of a big nose and Bret with his bandanas but they have always had a leg up over Tommy… I love guitar players.

did I say MMMMMM guitar players? Well if not MMMMMMM guitar players.

The last three Poison concerts I’ve gone to, C.C. has done this song solo and I love it so much!

It’s fun, raunchy and I sing it all the time… in my head, I don’t need any phone calls from the teacher.

Sorry about the poor concert recording but no real video to be found of this song.


Here is my very own Crazydad way back when (1989) Who by the way would K.I.L.L. me if he knew I scanned and posted these!!! I love that he still plays everyday…. but with much shorter hair!


MMMMMMM  my very own guitar player…..

The Doctor just called… I have helium handcitis… they are working on a cure.

This week has held many “firsts” for me.

JM’s first day of school, his first hurricane day, his first fire drill, my first PTA meeting and the first time (that I can recall) I quit doing something that I said I would do for the sole reason of over commitment.


This week I was challenged to try a few new things outside my box. The first is for me to trim the fat of my commitments. I did that this week and it was so hard to actually admit to myself and the person I made the commitment to I have over extended myself. But she understood and actually commended me on knowing my limits. I suppose from now on I need to focus on knowing my limits before my helium hand goes up to say I can do the job rather then bow out after.


The second is to take a specific event (a day at Disney) and not plan it at all, to go with the flow letting the day take us were it takes us. That day will be in a few weeks so we’ll see how I do.


And the third part of the challenge is to not to take on any new projects or commitments (you know that old helium hand I was speaking of). Well that one is a bit tricky….. I think this one is a success but it may fall into the gray area. I was asked at the PTA meeting this week to head up one or more committees. Now the old people pleaser, over committing crazymommy would have jumped all over that one. I am happy to say I walked away from that three hour PTA meeting with my name not at the top of any committee list. Here is where it gets gray; I did volunteer to help on two different committees. In my defense I think everyone has to do their share and second I am not in charge of anything. 


So like I said many new firsts for me and my house.   

First day of Kindergarten

Today a new chapter has started in my son’s life. He started school today. He did fine but I on the other hand am a ball of emotions. It seems as if the last five years whizzed by in a blink. Its funny when I was pregnant with him I was so nervous about the birth. I had an overwhelming need and feeling to keep my baby wrapped up safe and warm and protected in my belly. Then he was born and brought this bright beautiful light with him and everything was fine. 


These past couple of weeks that overwhelming feeling returned. The need to keep my “baby” wrapped up and safe. I think maybe because we co-slept until just this last year with both children I have always viewed our family unit as sort of a nest. Yes our daddy leaves everyday to work but I could still keep my babies safe and know exactly what each moment held for them. 


Now he will be out in the world for seven hours. I have to trust I have given him the tools to handle that without any problems. His teacher being a young first year teacher seems nice and eager to have me and the other parents like her. I get a good feeling from her and that is important too. Even better about five minutes ago she called me at home letting me know what a wonderful day my child had and how sweet and funny he is. She also gave me her home number in case I ever wanted or need to discuss JM after school hours. I hope none of the parents take advantage of that wide eyed sweetness. 


This morning JM jumped into bed with us and said “Mom! Dad! I get to go to school today” and with a smile and a sigh we agreed and got up. CD took off of work today and as a family we went to set our birdie into the world. I must say I did not cry (I know I am shocked and proud of myself) and after supplies, backpacks, lunchboxes were put away and his place at the green table (Man that teacher can take a hint!) was found we left him there on his own to be his own person. 


The girl was very happy to have had the undivided attention of mom and dad today. She did ask a few times where he was and when he would rejoin us. 


When the day had passed it was time to pick the boy up, we only waited in the parking lot for 45 minutes before the school the bell rang for dismissal. Maybe the next time I will try to only be 30 minutes early.   


With this new adventure we already have an unforeseen event… Hurricane Fay is heading our way. All schools have been cancelled for tomorrow. I am hoping that will end up being nothing more then a rainy day off of school. We’ve been gone out west too long, I was surprised by so many people around here shocked when I told them we do not have a propane grill or a generator or even a true first aid kit. We went to Sam’s club for lunch and you would think the “big one” is coming the way people were running around buying all of their hurricane supplies. 


Well I suppose I did prepare a little…. I do have extra water, cans of soup, two loaves of bread, PB&J, a flashlight and we’re calling that good enough (I hope).  


I think this storm will turn but what do I know.


On a side note I have posted my review of Breaking Dawn.


**if you have not read the book it does contain spoilers so do not read it if you are not ready. You have been warned… If you decide not to read my review/spoiler yet because you have not finished the book yet, I will give you the short version:



 I L.O.V.E.D. it!!!  


Oh also I’m not sure if this is MY Bella and Edward but none the less I am excited to see this tidbit.

Hello caller your on what’s your crisis?

Well no Breaking Dawn spoiler here just yet. For some odd reason I can not seem to start the book. I just don’t want it to be over. 


That and the impending doom that seems to be looming over my head

No not werewolves or vampires…… KINDERGARTEN….I can hardly believe my baby boy starts school REAL school in nine short days. While very early on I flirted with the idea of home schooling I have known for sometime now I would send him to public school. I’ll still worry about what he will be exposed to and worry about….. well what won’t I worry about? This is the first time he has EVER been away from me on a daily basis. And besides an overnight in California (Dad was home with JM & MD) this is the longest we’ll have ever been separated. We tried the free voluntary pre school they offer in our state but needless to say I missed him during the three hours he was there. He also was a bit bored, they were working on letter recognition and colors etc and he already knew that stuff. Most the children there were there in what’s called “wrap around” care, meaning they were there all day so they all had relationships and bonds formed in addition to JM coming in three months after school started. So after about two months we became VPK drop outs.


I know this will be different, all the kids will be on the same schedule, starting on the same day but my boy is so sensitive. I don’t want anyone to be mean to him. I want to know what he is doing. I want to know everything is being fair for him. I don’t want him to get lost or not eat lunch and be hungry all afternoon. I want his teacher to like him. I love him so much and because I do I’m letting him go on this adventure because I know he is ready and wants to but it is so hard for me. I will ease that pain by volunteering to be homeroom mom and try to walk that fine line between sweet & helpful and psycho & crazy.


On the flip side the girl is tickled pink to see her big brother off to school, to have my undivided attention to herself. She has been chattering nonstop about dance sessions, “girl” stuff and has all of her art supplies lined up waiting for this big day what JM “goes to school”. I almost think she thinks he is going off to boarding school never to return again. I am happy that she will get, though not exactly the same but the attention these next two years that he got the first two years. That alone…. all to herself…. center of moms world attention that normally only a first born is privy to. Now that is assuming gas prices don’t zoom too much higher (We’re at $3.79 today) which is jacking the price of everything up. So provided the economy gets somewhat stable MD will get her time. I’m not saying I won’t stress about money but I’m always stressed about money. Anyway that’s not here nor there at this moment. I can only handle one crisis at a time.       


Breaking Dawn

I can not express how excited I am that this month I have chosen to read Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. It is the fourth installment in the Twilight series. Yes it is a series for young adults and yes it is about vampires but I love it.

 I love the characters and I truly miss them when I have finished each one of the books. I’m not sure if I’m just that special kind of crazy or if it is from my Goth background I find these books so good! 


I pre ordered my copy and it should be here Monday but now I’m regretting not going out last night to get it at midnight. I decided to preorder it because I thought it would sell out. I haven’t heard if that is happening but I was worried. 


I will let you know how it is.

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