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Most of my main blog currently is about what I’m eating and how I am trying to change my life in regards to living more healthy and exercising.  So I will just keep track of my actual weight here. For posts on my journey look under the categories of weight loss and diet on my main blog page.

I welcome any and all comments on my main blog page.

“If I do what I’ve always done, I’ll get the results I’ve always gotten.”




11/06/08 266

10/10/08 274


09/17/08 278


08/18/08 276


07/21/08 277


06/24/08 272


05/27/08 266

 6/24/2008  272

7/21/2008  277

8/18/2008  276

9/17/2008  278

10/10/2008 274

11/06/2008 266

12/19/2008 265

01/23/2009 264

02/16/2008 264

06/01/2008 275

07/01/2008 269







01/09/07 Almost a month has past and I am still on track. I have been exercising and staying under 1300 calories (most of the time). I am at 253 so almost 5 lbs; not great but a start. I have joined an online fitness support group as well as a local fitness group and both are going good.  


I walked two miles today and ate breakfast. I really want to start something here.  Today I am 257.8.


So I get on the scale this morning just for fun. HA! Prepared knowing the past two months I have NOT been eating right or exercising. I was prepared to see a big number…. what I wasn’t prepared for is 252.4. That is less then I was when I started WW. The lowest I was on WW was 246.8. Now granted I only followed the program for eight weeks but during that eight weeks I worked my butt off ( apparently not literarily though). I am so discouraged. I mean why work so hard for the same results as this, two months of living it up????? What is wrong with me?  

August 21,2007

 I started yesterday with counting points again (only took in 15 of the allowed 30) and today I started exercising again. I did my two miles. It felt good, it felt right.  I guess 40 minutes at 6am of Nine Inch Nails would make any feel right, right?

July 20,2007 

The diet has been going ok I am down a total of -8.2 lbs as of Wednesday (6 weeks progress) which seems on the low side for all the healthy eating and exercising I am doing but whatever. I am not planning on going crazy at the beach with food but I plan on being on vacation. I am bringing my tennis shoes and my alarm clock and have a goal to walk three mornings in the week.  

July 10,2007


Well I didn’t report last week because I had a gain of 1.8 but this is a new week. I have had a good week so far this week even though it is only Tuesday. I have been exercising like crazy (walked two times yesterday 40 minutes each) and really stayed on track with my food intake. I go to my meeting on Wednesday and I won’t get on the scale before then. I hope I will do well. I did resist going out to eat this weekend so that is a start.     

June 29,2007

Well I am excited to report that even after going out to eat (but staying OP) twice this week and only exercising half as much as I planned I still managed to weigh in today at 248.8. That is a weekly loss of -4.8 lbs and a total loss of -6.2lbs. So I am very excited!!! It does show me I can still eat the foods from the places I like. With a little planning I can make anything work. We are going to another couple’s house tomorrow night and I even have my point plan all worked out, so I should stay OP. Yeah me!      

June 27,2007

My week is back on track and very positive. I am going to a Friday WW meeting so I will report a WI number then. Fingers crossed!!! I feel good though.  

June 25, 2007

 I had a really bad weekend. No exercising and terrible food choices. Although I manganed to stay relatively OP I did so by not eating all day and eating a big dinner. This is a very old bad habit I can not seem to break. But this is a new week I walked two miles and made good food choices today. One day at a time right?

June 21,2007

Not only did I buy these today (they were on clearance, clearance), I walked two miles in them today pushing two very heavy children and to top it off I signed up for this!!! The 6.5K not the 13K I have not completely lost my mind! The swim after the walk felt great and my feet feel awesome. I am starting the “Couch to 5K” program on Monday (I hope, I keep saying I’m going to start so I guess I am working up the nerve). I am also thinking I might try going to this meeting in addition to my WW meeting. I will not even share how many of those questions I answered yes to. Really, really sad…..

June 20, 2007

ok folks… I weighed in at 253.6 that is a loss of -1.4. Not great considering how much I have been moving but it’s a start!!! 

June 19, 2007

My diet is going good. I walked one mile today and treaded water for 30 minutes. I even managed to have an on point weekend despite both family gatherings and John wanting take out. (we didn’t get take out or should I say I didn’t get take out). I even walked Saturday and Sunday plus swimming!!! I couldn’t walk yesterday it was raining although I must admit I was a tiny bit glad. I look forward to but also scared to weigh in tomorrow. What if after all this work and lack of yummy I mean junk food the scale isn’t kind? What will I do? I might run screaming to Pizza Hut……. 

June 15, 2007

Ok I made it we did not order out tonight and I was within my points all week! Today I walked only one mile and treaded water for 30 minutes but I wasn’t going to exercise at 
all today so it is better then nothing. So if you are keeping track I exercised all week except Wednesday!!! YEAH ME! My dad is being very supportive. 
I need to focus to get past Sunday (lunch at inlaws and dinner at my grandmother’s) but I can do it. Tomorrow we are grilling out and I plan to have chicken ala CR so I should be ok this weekend. I am undecided if I will walk over the weekend but I am thinking I am going to try to do this: 
any thoughts? Do you think I can do it? 
OK have a great weekend and Happy Father’s day.
 Press on, Crazymom 

June 14, 2007

 I have not stepped on the scale yet and will wait until I go to my WW meeting so I will report my progress when I do.

My goal this past week has been to walk three times and join weight watchers.

SUCCESS!!! I not only joined WW I walked two miles on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. In addition on Tuesday I went swimming and not just splashing around but threading water and really working!! 

I plan to walk tomorrow and also go swimming so WOOOWHOOO. I’ve had an amazing food week. I plan on staying on track this weekend. Crazydad wants to order out tomorrow night and I will but will be accountable. So over all I am very happy with my first week. 

June 11, 2007

  Well I went to the meeting today but did not join or weigh in because I am going back on the Thursday meeting with my mom so I will report how that goes.But the meeting itself was good and I liked discussing the topic. Everyone was nice. I also had a great food and moving day. I walked two miles at 6am!!!! It took me forty minutes but I did it!    YEAH me!  I had three meals and three snacks today that right there is somewhat of a success for me. I normally like to starve all day and then just eat, eat, eat from about 4pm till bed time. Now going to bed with two points to spare. I do feel a little hungry and my head is hurting due to a lack of my nightly dose of carbs but I feel good and am excited about waking up and walking in the morning.

June 9, 2007 

257.2 attempts this month have failed. I am going to my first WW meeting on Monday and I am really scared. I’m not sure why. This really has to work. I want it to work. I dream about exercise. I dream about being in shape. I dream about running and laughing with my children. I need to feel better…  Sometime I feel like I am wearing a coat over my real body. A coat of fat that prevents me from moving and feeling how I want. I like to pretend I am happy being the weight I am but I am not. I hate how I look. Really I don’t how I truly look because I have not looked I mean really looked in a mirror in so long. When I see photos of myself I almost do not even recognize who I am. I struggle with food everyday and I hate it. It is time for a change and I hope I am strong enough to do what has to be done.  

May 14, 2007

251.4 I went into the weekend at 248.8. Why is food an everyday struggle? Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose and sometimes the only person I am fooling is myself.

May 7, 2007



Well after many months “on break” I’m refocusing on my diet. This morning I was 255.6. My plan is to do the weight watcher points system and then do some moving with the kids. That should be easier with my computer time almost gone and my life on hold. I guess that is one good thing about this situation, my kids are getting loads of attention.


Wish me luck!!!  


March 26,2007










Ok so it has been two months since I last posted about diets and oh crap have I had some really yummy food in that time. I am back up to 256 lbs phew. I am back on the horse today was the first day. I have my old friend the hunger headache but I am off to sleep knowing tomorrow will be just a little bit easier…. Right?  

January 20, 2007

Well another good week up until Thursday evening. I had been exercising daily and stay under my assigned points for the day then I went out to a friend’s house and completely lost control. I actually got physically sick and thought I had everything under control but I didn’t because Friday I fell back into my old habits of not eating all day long and then ordering pizza for dinner. Which in some weird way gave me permission to derail myself today (Saturday) with a spicy Italian from Subway for lunch ~ the sandwich Jared didn’t tell us about. Then Macaroni Grill for dinner and no I didn’t get a salad. I can not report a weight because I’ve actually been afraid to weigh myself since Thursday night. I’m not sure if it is all in my mind but I feel horrible. All this with my trip to California just six days away…… Maybe I am stress eating? I don’t know. I will say I had to get the take out to “cheat” because there is so much healthy food in our kitchen now. But even with this minor set back I am feeling ok just typing this. I am at peace with this set back and ready to regroup and start fresh from this moment on. So I am going to get a good night sleep and wake up to a new day, a fresh start. That all I can do. I need to remember not to fall into old habits. Even if I am not hungry when I wake up I must eat to get my metabolism working and it’s all ok from there.     

January 14, 2007 

I’m amazed at how I am doing! I am down to 240… I can’t believe how ok I am. I have felt so much better these two weeks then I have in a very long time. My cravings are decreasing everyday. I haven’t put myself in any situations that set me up to fail like I did skip Bunko because I know all we do before the game is just snack, snack, snack and I know I wasn’t ready for that kind of challenge. But I did manage to go out to eat with a friend and we shared fajitas and cheese sticks (I actually only ate two cheese sticks and two fajitas). The best part about that is before I would have eaten all of it by myself. I also have been thinking ahead. I go into situations with a plan. Like when we went to the mall I brought our lunch instead of eating at the food court. I think the key for me here is the accountability. I had pizza the other night but I counted the points and didn’t go over for the day. I think I am really learning I can still eat what I like without overdoing it. I am exercising, still only one mile but I walked everyday but once last week.

We are suppose to go to the movies tomorrow and I was worried about the popcorn situation but I bought those 100 calories bags of popcorn so I am feel much for confident about going. I do worry about certain places like in a few day I am suppose to go to a mom’s night out and in two weeks we are suppose to go to Peter Piper Pizza so I am nervous about both but I will keep taking it one day at a time and being excited about all my mini successes and one day I will get to my big success!!

January 5, 2007 

Week one has gone good. I went from 251 to 244. I am ending the week more positive then I started. I even managed to walk one mile three times this week. Tonight John treated me to a cheeseburger and I almost couldn’t eat it and now feel a bit sick. I did charge myself the 14 points for it and knew all day we were eating out but I feel very strange right now. I don’t think I will be doing that anytime soon again. I just feel yucky not satisfied. I have mixed feels about that. But I am actually looking forward to next week.









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