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What’s buggin’ you?

One of the things I forgot about living down South is Love Bugs. Unlike my arch nemesis the Cockroach the Love bug is just plain annoying. They do not bite or sting but they come in swarms and blanket the area. My poor robot van after a short drive in town is the somber graveyard for thousand of them. They are not two headed as some may think but are a male and a female attached. They are having more sex in their three days of life then I’ll ever know, then after the female lays her eggs they both die in a very Romeo and Juliet fashion. My daughter is truly petrified of these little buggers and my son for some reason is fascinated. I think he is so amazed because not many things (including him) can make MD scream. So I bought him a bug box complete with magnifying glass and carrying case. He is so happy and she is horrified. What are brother for right?  

Ok subject change. 

The beach has been just wonderful nobody wants to go home! I must admit everyone is more calm and happy and ummm for some strange reason crazydad and I get along real well at the beach if you know what I mean.  Everything in our lives is going smooth as butter on a warm day. Our house out west still hasn’t sold but I am just positive it is a mere matter of days until an offer is made. Everyone is getting along and the kids are somewhat behaving themselves. The boy is progressing in leaps and bounds but the girl has her moments. I will say she is completely diaper free which is a nice change. So overall life is grand, all except the friggin love bugs…..  

scrubs – guy love

This is for CM from JC… Total guy love. HA-HA!!! OH My HECK!!

What did you have to drink for dinner today?

I went to the doctor today as a follow up and shocking news…… I weigh the same as I did three weeks ago. Not that I have been on any sort of strict diet but I have been giving a slight effort. Apparently too slight….. I am considering going back on weight watchers but the doctor suggested a liquid diet. Supervised by her for a month to jump start my diet. I am considering it…. It would be covered by insurance mostly (the visits would but not the six protein shakes a day). She said most people in the first month lose about 20- 30 pounds and my stomach will shrink making at the end of that month a new diet (Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach whatever)  easier to handle. Plus with that kind of jump start a lot of positive energy to feed off of (no pun intend)…..  It sounds ok but then I really started thinking about it…. A month with NO food. 24 hours a day, seven days a week… no I had a good week so I can have a treat. Nothing! I would sit and watch my family eat as I slurp my shake. I don’t know if I can do it. I wonder if they will really make me full. As the doctor was explaining the diet to me my mind somewhat wondered… to what you as? My mind wondered to cheese sticks and poppers and sticky chocolate fondue…… I smirked at the time but now I think I might just need a shrink.  Oprah is always saying (to the point of me puking) no one eat just because they like potato chips well I sure wish I could figure out what deep rooted problem I have because I can barely stand this anymore.  I had a great childhood, never abused, never raped, I have a great spouse and beautiful children…. WTF is wrong with me?       


Last night in my dream I was at a hotel at some sort of convention or class reunion or something. I got in the elevator with a girl from high school who was my friend but not a great friend, we knew each other anyway her name is Karen Kinsel. Also in the elevator was a man but I do not remember who he was. Anyway we were going up and all of a sudden the elevator got stuck. I reached for the phone and started to sweat and cry. The man on the other end was somewhat curt with me. I asked him his name and he wouldn’t tell me and I was telling him I was scared and thirsty and pregnant. All he said was we will work on this and hopefully by tomorrow we will get someone out there to help you.  


I’m not sure what this dream meant. The high school images maybe because I am in my hometown and there are a lot of memories here for me. The pregnancy images because I’m somewhat depressed my family missed that part of my life and the “we’ll work on this and hopefully by tomorrow we will get someone out there to help you”. I don’t know maybe some deep root hatred for the cable company?  


Anyway that’s what is on my mind today, that and laundry.   

Wordless Wednesday

What lies within….

What lies within….
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I added a set of photos to flickr of our new (temporary) living arrangements with my dad. We will live here just until our house out west sells and we can buy a new one. I plan on this happening very soon. All in all for the situation, it is working out good. My dad is very sweet and doing his best to make us feel like this is our home too. I am doing my best to not let our stuff bleed into the main area of the house. In my mind I do not want any of our stuff to be outside of the entry to our room. This room is an addition which once was a one car garage so it is bigger then an average room, kind of a studio apartment if you will. Other then less then perfect insulation making this the hottest part of an already warm house everything is good. One funny thing is for some reason these guys expect me to cook every night… HA! Well I guess that is good for everyone’s diet since my food tastes like crap.

It really surprises me with I would guess 90% of our belongs in storage how well we are going along without that stuff. I wonder though is it the security that I know it is in storage or could I live without that stuff. I have always wanted (wanted being the key word) to be a minimalist like my dad but my mother’s packrat jeans are hiding within me. Everyday I fight those jeans and can not imagine what my amount of junk would grow to if I did not.

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