I’ll show you mine if you show me yours….


Ok at Very mom’s request she wants to know what is in everyones make up bag. I kind of chucked at the thought because I wear make up on average about two times a year (not forgetting that is on average) But I realized thanks to Walgreens rebates I have quite the collection. Ok what is pictured here is what is used most often. Note the child like numbering, no the boy didnt do it, it is my first attempt using MS paint.- hold your applauses until the end. Let’s start by saying no make up bag for me. See the box? That’s where I keep this stuff and yes I love boxes.

  1. Mary Kay Triple action Lip Enhancer suppose to make your lipstick last hours.. it does unless you eat. Purchased August 1996 by my mother.
  2. Burts Bees lip shiner ~shade papaya. Purchased three months ago.
  3. Revlon liner~ shade frost (for when I am feeling funky. Purchased . 4 year ago maybe worn twice.
  4. Victorias Secret eyeliner~ Received as a free gift w/ my sisters Christmas gift two years ago.
  5. Revlon line and shine. (Minus the line) ~  I bought this to wear on my first day at my new job in 1996. That was two children and 2000 miles ago.
  6. Dixie Babies Bum butter. Its great on elbows.  I got this in a Co-op about 6 months ago.
  7. Triple antibiotic ointment for my lips before bed. And you think you dont become your mother. HA!
  8. Cool
    Avon electric nail file for when you are feeling lazy. My mother is a rep and gave this to me at Christmas this year.
  9.  Tweezers
  10. Burts Bees Herbal Blemish Stick and it works!
  11. Burts Bees RES-Q ointment it works great on bruises and scrapes. Gotta love a little green goodness!
  12. My sisters headband that I now have.( Sorry Carla it found its way home with me and now I think of you every night when I wash my face.)
  13. Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. No I do not sell this stuff!
  14. Water Babies spf 30 applied daily.
  15. Udderly Smooth- It works Mooooo-velous!
  16. Avon Hair Removal ~ another great product that really works.
  17. The green stick. I have been using this since about 1992. It is neutralizes the red in my cheeks. LOVVE it. Although on the rare occasion I wear make up DH teases me about my ruby slippers.
  18. LOreal Voluminous. I got this free from Walgreens about a year ago after revealing and being teased that I still had the same mascara since high school (13 yrs)
  19. Unopened bottle of Rimmel recover. Free from Walgreens because you never know.
  20. Pressed Transparent powder from Rimmel. Another free item from Walgreens. I think it makes me look too pale.

I dont wear a lot of make up partly because I really dont know how to apply it, thankfully have a husband that says I dont need it and I’m just plain too lazy. So now leave me a comment with a link to your make up bag secrets…. Now what is in yours?

Are we in the House at Pooh Corner?

Where I live is doesn’t rain very often. Where I grew up it rained daily. When I first moved here on the rare occasion it would rain I would run outside and breath very deep and just enjoy it. For some reason now over 3.5 years later the very rare rainy day depressed me. Today as the thunder booms and the house is dark and my children sleep very late. I watch them. Sure I should be getting things done while they sleep but I stand there stoking their hair. We are a co-sleeping family, which means we have a king size bed and a twin size bed pushed together and we all sleep there every night. No starting out somewhere else and ending up in mom and dads bed but from start to finish one place. The children don’t even have beds in their rooms. Poor MDs room has become my craft junk room and JMs room is now our upstairs playroom. No bed in the room so there is plenty of room for playing. Everyone is happy with this situation. Sure I dream of exotic sex in other places then our bed because who wants a three years olds elbow or a one years old foot in places they shouldn’t be plus yuck! Now I will not disclose when or even if this exotic sex occurs but I will confirm I do dream about it. What is more pressing to me is when will everyone NOT be happy with this arrangement? When they are five or ten or off to college? Who will want them out first us or them? Will they leave at the same time?  

I hate to think of it. I love in the middle of the night just kissing them because I turned over or comforting them at the start if a nightmare instead of the end when they wake up. I love that we are all together in case there is a fire or robbers or (if it keeps raining like this ) a flood. Mostly it means they are just still my babies.  

I slept with my parent until I was nine when my sister arrived but I always started in my own bed first. I one time read an article about Kenny Loggins. He said they co-sleep full time with their I think three children who at the time were older like maybe 8,10and 12( just guessing at the ages). He said they have like three king size bed pushed together and everyone is very happy. At that moment I knew the family bed was for me. But I worry about the day when the family bed will no longer be right for our family. Hopefully that will be a day a long time from now. 

Ok it needs to stop raining so I can think about other important stuff like food or money or exotic sex…… 

Money gets you stuff and I like stuff

Dr Evil!

You know I really have to give props to this guy. In this particular case he is manipulating for evil reasons (a reality show for money) but In life, dont we all do our own form of manipulating. Arent we taught that from almost infancy? Why when not on a reality show for money is manipulation looked upon as being so horrible? From the child crying to get another cookie, the teen cleaning up and being cheerful to get five minutes added to curfew, the man laughing at his bosses racial joke to the wife doing some wifely duties to get a new ring. Arent we all doing it in some form or another? Smiling at a waiter to get extras, crying for the police officer to avoid a ticket. When did using what we have to get what we want turn into a bad thing? Now sure I am not saying I stand behind the young pig swindling the elderly rich lady. Or the pervert persuading a young women to have his way with her but when there are two adults involved what is so wrong with a little flattery or stroking? Maybe I am a bad person? Maybe I do sometimes twist a situation my way but how is that any different then fighting for what I want or what I believe in? Ill tell you this I will never advise my children to break the law or use sex to get their way but if they have to bat an eye lash from time to time, well theyll have their momma behind them (batting my own I’m sure).  

picture this

If you are like me I take an ungodly amount of photos of my children. I print most of them remembering to make enough copies for child As scrapbook, child Bs scrapbook, the family annual scrapbook and any extra copies for daddys desk, grandparents and my walls. Well sometimes the prints that I get back for some reason arent as cute on paper as they were on the screen or I forget to mail them to grandma or whatever. So I have boxes and boxes of “extra” photos. What do you do with them? I cant toss them. One its like I am tossing my child and two I would hate for some trash digging pervert to find them. Whats a
mommy to do?

Thanks mom for the reminder!

Why children need supervision!

Mom Can we play?

I remember going to one of my first play dates with one month old JM. I watched in silent horror as a fellow mom gave her two year old, ekkkk, a drink with her straw out of her cup. Worst of all it was red juice. I though oh I will never give my children a drink with red dye especially out of my cup with my germs. I can hardly control my laughter even as I type this at the silliness those thoughts were. Not that red dye is good or bad for children but that I had such clear defined rules for mothering. As JM got older and with the birth of MD I have let go of some of my rules and realize as the children grow, I grow. As they become more sure of themselves I too become more sure of myself as their mother.


I realize sometimes children drink moms drink or eat things they should not or get away with certain things for many reasons. None of which make any of us bad mothers. Quite the opposite, now when I see another mother doing something that is currently unthinkable to me, I watch closely. Most times I see she has tested the theory and her actions end up being something I repeat in the future. The other day I was over at a fellow SAHMs home having a play date. Between her three and my two it was quite the bunch. When the children asked if they could get out the play dough I thought to myself, oh it is too hot to go outside and play with play dough. Outside is the only place I am brave enough to allow that activity but without hesitation my friend said, sure! Just keep it on the tile. I realized in that moment just how as mothers we continue to grow and evolved all the time.


Ironically when I shared these thoughts with my own mother she began to laugh and told me to just wait. Im not sure what that means but I assume it has something to due with curfews and music.      


Now the next time JM and MD ask to use play dough Ill at least give it some thought before saying not in the house and then someday I will say Sure! ~But only on the tile   


Watch closely

is that a chicken vein?

Today when I was cooking a piece of chicken I saw it had a string vein thingy and I smiled because I thought of you.

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