Another party success!

Well anyone who knows me knows I love parties! This year we had the Games to U truck come. They brought a hamster Ball for the kids to roll in, their huge truck with a 3d movie/ride simulator and three huge screens with video games going. We also had a photo booth and a friend owns a bounce house and that was in the back yard. It went smooth! It wasn’t exactly like I planned but everyone had a good time and that is what matters.

The bad thing that happened was I got stung by a bee…. I love bees how could the bee sting me???

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Another year has past like a blink. MD has continued to bloom as a young artist and a has her sweet/sassy moments too. She has grown by leaps and bounds… She is almost as tall as JM and wanting to wear makeup (I will let her play at home sometimes) and wanting to shave her legs (a big fat NO).

crap and more crap

What do I gain by holding onto anger? I have no idea but I seem to always do it. I try not to and I think I can logically get over things. But then I see whoever it is and I get filled with adrenaline and then it starts pumping when I see that person and I just can’t let go of what ever it is they did that pissed me off. I met with one of JM’s therapist today she told me JM has a severe problem with rules **shocker** that JM just can’t stand when other people aren’t following them or what he perceives to be not following the rules. He has a thing about fairness or his ideas of fairness. It seems to be a common theme with everyone in my family. I’m not so much a stickler for the rules but I can’t stand if I feel like someone else thinks they’re better then others. I just want the playing field to be level. When that doesn’t happen or I feel like somebody else is looking down their no nose at me or somebody else thinks they’ve gotten one over on me I just can’t get over it. I’m working on it I’m trying to let things go it’s an ongoing process.

Other news my diet is shit but I’m religiously taking my sugar reducing medication and I’ll know in about a month if it works and we possibly to get pregnant again. Everything else seems to be about the same I hate my job we need more money, we never spend enough time with each other but summer is coming.  With that a day off during the week (I don’t care if my boss likes it or not) to find kid oriented stuff to do. Why kid anyone…. our summer calendar is already planned but not as full as last summer when I was able to do something every single day with them. I hate how I I know I will say by the end of the summer “where did it go we didn’t get enough done”… At least we have plenty of vacations scheduled. One for each month of the summer, we’re going to the beach as always, then the lake house and lastly back to the cabin in Georgia.  The gilrs and I are even squeezing in a nice four day weekend to Hilton Head. (Thanks K!).  I’ve never been there and it sounds very posh to me…. as if to say “where you off to?” “oh I’m jetting off to Martha’s Vineyard”. K asures me it is not that glamorous but it sure sounds like it and I know will have a great time. we are all reading 50 Shades of Gray to discuss so that should be fun!

Other related glamorous news MD has decided after I had the honor of being one of the judges in a local beauty pageant she now decided she would like to give it a try. I tried to tell her I’ve been trying to talk her into that since she was about a year old and she would have nothing to do with it. But better late than never and I’m off to find some non glitz all natural pageants for my little MD. One of my bffs is a professional photographer and both her girls grew up doing pageants so I know between her and I we can get this little girl started at least on the small time circuit. Ok so that’s all the news I have for now

Encampment 2012

Camp was fun and exciting and COLD! MD and I roughed it in the woods with the other 11 Girls Scouts.
We were in cabins but the cabins had screens for doors and screens for windows so it was still really cold. But we did have toilets and it was pretty clean and I didn’t see one bug so I would say it was one of the easier camps we’ve done. It was a none stop weekend.
The people that planned the “encampment” were really organized and had everyone on rotations all ending with a fun dance. There were lots of screaming girls, whining moms and plenty of dirt to go around. One of my favorite things they do at encampment is Girl Scout swaps. Here MD is with two of her Dasiy friends proudly wearing their Swaps.

Swaps, for those that don’t know are some sort of (normally homemade) trinket that hangs by a safety pin and the girls swap them. The encampment’s theme was renaissance so there were lots of princess crowns, swords, shields etc but there were other’s that were just girls scout themed or camping themed etc. I like to see how creative everyone is. MD was the only experienced camped so all the parents were really nervous but I think everyone did great.

If you click on the pictures they get bigger. For some reason WordPress isn’t doing what I want and I just don’t have the energy to mess with it anymore tonight…

Now its bed time as we have been on winter holiday for the past three weeks and tomorrow everyone goes back to school and I go back to work. I am not looking forward to this.

By the way… hating on the new phone so far….

Acamping we will go, acamping we will go!!

ok it is time to go Girl Scout camping once again. with a high of 42 at least we are in cabins… pictures and stories to come…

holding pattern

What did you do for New Years? We stayed home …. very exciting! We popped a bottle of sparkling grape juice and cheers-ed our way into the wee hours of the night. The kids lasted much longer then me and that is a sad affair and I totally feel old.

I don’t feel like I have anything new to write about despite the list of “to be blogged” items I have running in my hand written journal. (which I must say I think keeping a hand written journal is a lost art and I love mine). ok so on so many levels our family seems to be on the horizon of new things but just on the tip not yet happening. So many around us are going through life changing events. A few friends are having babies, two are moving, one is losing tons of weight and another just started a new job today. I spent the day making work calls, cleaning out the board game shelf, cleaning out the girl’s bedroom and reorganizing it and posting all our stuff for sale. It crossed my mind I might have been a bit more successful with this if I had done this before Christmas as I have not gotten one nibble and now my office is packed with excess of toys we have decided need to go live somewhere else.

But whatever her bedroom and our game shelf both look so much better. And I suppose my office is an “organized” mess that is on it’s was out the door.

Speaking of handwritten items, the kids spent the afternoon hand writing their Christmas card Thank Yous. I think that is so very important. They are some of the unlucky few to have birthdays so close to the holidays as they just wrote birthday thank yous but alas mom said “to bad” and off they went. Now if only the mail would run one of these days so I could get them off. For some reason our mail carrier didn’t work Thursday, Friday, Saturday or today. I know they are underpaid but come on already!!!

But it’s not just USPS I’m ticked at FedEx as well. After 2.5 years my cell phone is on its last leg…. RIP oh purple Blackberry, I will miss you. I gave in and went to the Verizon store on the 29th thinking I would get an after Christmas sale HA HA no not only not but most of the newer phones are on back order. So after I decided on the most current phone that still has an actual keypad now I wait for two-day delivery but due to the holiday it may come tomorrow or Wednesday…. meanwhile my sweet blackberry is only holding about a 30 minute charge and thats if I don’t text or call or use it in any way. Anyone who knows me, knows that just doesn’t work for me.

So cross your fingers for me and my new Samsung Stratosphere with extend battery for all my 4g needs will hurry up and get here soon. We will see.



By the Way Happy New Years!!!


What a day!

Well I have taken my normal month off after National Blogging month. I have thought many times during December about needing to post and wanting to keep caught up. I often wished and dreamed of a voice activated device that I could dictate to that would USB from the device to my computer my voice into written text to my blog, emails and texts that I have been neglecting. (If you know of any such device please post in the comments!!). But alas no such luck for me, and I will just have to stick to my hand written running list of “topics still needing to be blogged”.

Today is Christmas morning. It is an ever changing experience for our family. When the kids were babies we were out West with no family, left to our own devices all the day in PJs and pure toy ecstasy. In the years since we have been home in the South, with in laws, great grandparents and my divorced parents our holidays are broken up and long. But this year we decided to split the great grand parents and in-laws on Christmas Eve and both my parents together on Christmas day. This leaving a good part of the day with just our nuclear family. I think this is the best solution yet. Crazydaddy and I have just about perfected the Christmas morning routine down to preparing a full on breakfast in about 25 minutes. And the kitchen is already clean! (Yeah for me). The only hitch this morning was while both my children have never been told Santa is real, we have the “he’s just for fun” mentality, I think MD really wants to believe so we carry on. She was very concerned in regards to the naughty list last night and came crying into our room in the wee hours of the morning this morning that there were actually gifts under the tree for her. She had a nightmare that she was kidnapped and forced to do “bad” things while her daddy and I were killed, thus putting her on the naughty list. I’m not too sure what I’m most concerned about, the fact she dreamed we were murdered, that she was kidnapped and forced to do “bad” things or the fact that she was so contemplating the “naughty” list. After assuring her the first two things are IMPOSTBLITIES the later is something that she should really think about because this is something in her control. I think it may have an impact.

JM was super happy with his Skylander game for the Wii and his 3DS handheld game set and the puppy was paid in spades.
As for Crazydad and I, we haven’t exchanged gifts in many years as I generally just buy what I want when I want. LOL Plus this year has been very hard for us financially. The school the kids attend while we love it (and waited two years to get into) is about 45 minutes away from home and due to gas prices our gas alone is about $800 a month. This is like adding two car payments to our monthly bills when we have never even had one. We would love to sell our house and rent or buy closer to school but like so many our house isn’t worth the bank note it’s written on and we owe more then we can sell it for at this point. All this has been a huge adjustment for us, especially for me as I have to take first a part time job but now two part time jobs to help keep us above the line. It really is a huge adjustment for everyone as the grocery shopping, laundry and other things I used to do during the day are all now done on the weekend by the whole family. I will say the one day time part time job is flexible so if I need to bring the kids on a non school day I can or if I want to take a day off or something it is totally a go.

I took one such day on Friday for my annual Cookies and Craft day with the kids. It was not the same as with my friends out West but fun was had just the same. Ok I have toys to remove from boxes and shelves to reorganize. I do have a running list to blog about dating all the way back to Halloween and our two November birthdays so hopefully I will find some more time soon.

Happy Holidays to all!!!

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