Do you Google?

So I was watching a show about Google and the question is our information safe. I actually laughed. The only thing Google and the government would learn about me from my Google searches is I can’t spell! I think ever since 9/11 everyone is so concerned with how much the government is monioring us. I personal thought is I have nothing to hide so watch away. That is all under the impression the government is always on my side (think the movie Ememy of the State). To be honeset I think my own mouth and lack of judgement at times is my own worst ememy. But I am working on that.

Oh by the way there is a new super cool thing coming out for your cell phone called Google Goggles.  It’s where you take a photo with your phone of a public place and Google gives you facts in regards to this place.  Or take a photo of a product and Google gives you the reviews and ratings for the product.

I think it will be cool.


My friend has Cancer. Her daughter is in JM’s class and her son is two years older. She has been in remission for four months. Four months of thinking she had beat this beast but this horrible, ugly beast is back. Is it so unfair. I think most heart breaking is her children. Just four short months ago she was able to tell them she was getting better, that she had overcome, that they were safe. Now they have to watch her go though chemo again. They have to see her go through another surgery. They have that uncertain scary sadness of what will happen. Will their mom died. It really put everything in my life into perspective. How life is so precious and short. How the only thing that matters is our families and loving them with everything that you are.

My friend is a strong woman. Strong in her mind, body and soul. I have hope that she will once again beat this horrible beast. I can only hope this beast does not distroy her spirt or her family.

New stuff

I know when I go away for a long while it must seem odd. Especially after such a depressing post as my last one was. To be honestly I don’t know why I haven’t posted. Plenty of good things have happened in our lives over the last month and a half. I am really working on myself. I have been decluttering like crazy. All in an effort to get rid of some of my emotional chaos. The next thing I am working on is my reactions to people and events. I tend to react to everything on a level 10. I am working on focusing on the people in my life that matter and if someone who is just an acquaintance does something I need to work on no letting it get to me. In other words work on relationships that matter and leaving alone the ones that don’t.

We had a great spring break at the Lake House. We went on nature walks, bike rides and watched plenty of Food Network. We fished (but only caught weeds) and plenty of other fun activities.

JM also crossed over from a Tiger Cub to a Wolf Cub. It was a very exciting camp out weekend. Lots of mosquitoes and very humid but a lot of fun!

We are now winding down the school year and looking forward to the summer. We have a lot to look forward to. We are going to the beach for three weeks, then Boy Scout camp for a week, two weeks of daily swim lessons and hopefully we can get Pappy to pay for a week of Science camp. We also have MD’s Dance recital, so many playgroups planned I lost count, we started a summer reading group for the school age kiddos and we also organized a summer pen pal list. We already have 22 kids signed up!!!

The only bit of sad news is our new fish only lives a week and we found out MD like her brother is allergic to Milk and Peanuts….

Ok here are a few pictures from the last month.

A Place For Everything

removing the clutter...forever