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at the peir

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The beach was just beautiful as always. I know so many places in my area have been touched by the oil spill but we have been lucky. The water was warm as a bath and was so clear it looked like a swimming pool. One day we saw a Manatee swim within five feet of us. We saw many dolphins and a horseshoe crab (which I will still say was a stingray but JM says otherwise). The crowds were low and a few girlfriends even came out one day to visit. My mother was there a few days and that was very nice. It is always nice to go to the beach house because it is such an escape.

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I love this girl’s blog. She is amazing. Her blog is always inspiring in so many ways.

Here is her blog. check it out, I promise you will love it!!

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sunshowers and popsicles

while my photos are trapped on my camera until we return home I had to post about our trip so far. I sadly know the oil spill has reach so many shore lines, our slice of heaven is almost unspeakably untouched (for now). The sand is powder white and the blue ocean is calm and crystal clear. We have had so much fun the past couple of days. Yesterday about an hour before sunset we went out to the sand to play and eat popsicles. Then out of nowhere a sunshower was upon us. With wet clothes and red dripping down our chins we decided to get into the ocean. The children were full of giggles at how silly it seemed to swim with clothes on with the sun shinning bright and cool rain falling on our heads. We laughed and raiseed our faces to the sky and made sweet family memories. The kind of moments in life that we will always think of when we think of happy family times. Life just does not get any sweeter then this.

We’re off

We’re leaving for two weeks for the wonderful, quiet, relaxing beach!!!

It’s a brand new day.

I am feeling very good these days. I am experiencing a strange new humble confidence I have never felt before. I feel like so many things are possible. So many good things are here just waiting for me to reach out and grab them. I’m not sure the whys and the how all I know is things are wonderful for me right now.

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Everyday I have a choice.

“Why would you choose failure when success is an option?” ~Jillian Michaels

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