Ahhh Novemeber NaBloPoMo

Well this is the first year I have not done the post once a day for National Blog Posting Month. With a growing business, growing belly (Hello month 8) and nesting in full swing I just can’t commit. I am trying to give myself permission to do what I can in life and let go of what I can’t. For a control freak this is hard to do. The first thing when dealing with something I am feeling overwhelmed with is to ask myself what my motivation is.

This has worked wonders. I am happy to report I am no longer the PTA president at my kid’s school, I have stepped down from my women’s service group as a board member and have missed two HOA community meetings. It is so freeing!!!

I am free to focus on my kids, not the whole school. Focus on making my direct surroundings better not trying to save the world and Nesting in my home not cleaning up the whole community.

I think my “helium hand” has been cured. Hooray! This is a lesson long time coming. From very early on in my adult life I have had this need to appear “perfect”, to be all things to everyone. With age, experience and time I realize that is just plain stupid. It gets me nowhere but overwhelmed and is actually stressful for those around me.

I am not now, never have been nor will I ever be perfect. Phew that feel good!

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