So last night’s Press conference.

I normally find this kind of stuff boring and have a “they know what they are doing” kind of attitude. But maybe because I am getting older and wiser or the economy crisis scares the crap out of me I have been much more involved as far as reading and getting myself more informed in the ways of our government. I do still look to my friend to let me know all the truly down and dirty stuff but as of late I have been looking on my own as well. 


I may not agree with absolutely everything this new President is doing or asking for but I will say I love these Prime time Conferences. I love the “Town Hall” question and answer feel. While it is the media’s faces asking the questions I feel it is the questions so many of John Q American has on our tongues.  So often in the past I did have the “they know what to do” feeling simply because I didn’t feel like I was informed enough to know what the best thing was to do so they must know. This seems different. This seems like the President wants the American people to be “in the loop” if you will. Everyone may not agree on everything but at least we know somewhat the facts of the situations. In the loop is a good place to be for me.


I loved what the President said about why he didn’t comment immediately in regards to the AIG bonuses; He said he likes to know what he’s talking about before he speaks. I totally laughed my ass off! 


Overall I think it went well and I love the Chris Rock thing he has going on. How he makes a quick ending statement says thank you and goodnight and turns and leaves so quick if you blink you miss it. I swear I keep waiting for him to drop the mic!  


On a last note I will say I hate Twitter and those media that are real time “twittering”. It just annoys me.   

E is for everyone at home!!!


I got both of these ideas over at Just for fun. I really love that site go check her out! JM is home sick with strep throat. The teacher sent home a packet of work and I can not tell you how nice it was to do the totally home school package. It really makes me wonder if I should just do it. Both my child are so overly social I wonder if they would miss people. Not that we would be shut ins or anything but they definitely would not see and interact with as many people if we home schooled vs. if they went to public school. Anyway I have just enjoyed the past two days and thinking about keeping him home tomorrow even though the doctor said he could return Wednesday if he feels up to it.

Anyway these cute “E” projects are made from MD’s hands and feet. It makes me smile and almost cry to wonder how much longer they will fit on the paper in this way.

OK Off to make eggs for lunch!!!

The Camera thing

I had a Lumix camera but when MD helped me break it last week I got a new one. I went with an Olympus Stylus 1010. I wasn’t happy with that so back to the store it went.  Many people have suggested the Canon Powershot SD 1100 IS. So far so good. I hope this one sticks. The only problem I’m having is getting it to upload to the folder I want and how the heck do I delete after uploading without doing it one by one??? 

Can you tell I hate reading manuals?

Where does the time go?

Last Friday we went to the Renaissance Festival and had a lot of fun! I got a cool Henna tattoo, I get one every year.  We all got dressed up me in my coolest hippy gear that makes me feel all crunchy (in a good way). It reminded me of my extended breastfeeding and cloth diapering days. I thought it was so sweet and powerful that MD wanted to wear her princess dress but she wanted the bow and arrows (like Narnia) so she was a warrior princess and brother was a warrior knight. I think it is cool she doesn’t want to grow up to be like me the dazzle in distress all the time. The day also reminded me what it was like was like before schedules and the daily grind of school. It was nice. Although as the children have gotten older they are fighting more and more and I’m not sure what to do about that. It seems mostly the girl but the boy has been in it to win it a few times too.


We also went to Disney to celebrate my birthday this week. That was nice but I have to say as every year passes those birthday losses their allure. Now that we are back and life is getting back to normal (school, work, cleaning the house being ignored etc) I went to a mom’s night out last night. This is a different type of group then I’ve ever been in. It is about 85% focused on the mom vs. the kids. This is nice for me since all my baby birds are about to fly the nest to school. There are a few moms with small babies but mostly I am the one with the youngest kids again and I must admit that is a role I like much better then the “experienced” mom role. 

Our Preschool projects have been going great. Last week was C week and we focused on colors. We tye dyed shirts and dresses and made a colorful pizza. Fun stuff!! This week we are making Dinosaur tracks and Daises. MD is loving “school” and you know D is for Disney!





Ok off to do our letter of the week projects.   

some from here some from there….

Well I think I am ready to come out of this funk. I exercised today for the first time in weeks on the Wii Fit. The Wii Fit is fun but I am still trying to get the hang of it. My food hasn’t been great but at least I got some exercising in. Now that I have a working camera again (I decided on an Olympus Stylus 1010)

MD and I painted the beads and buttons we made last week for “B” week. (lovin’ the cute blue paint spots on her cheek in this photo). Then we had fun stringing them into necklaces. I think mine sort of looks like a Goddess but maybe not. They weigh a ton so not much function but a really fun process. Again not my idea I saw it on this cute site. Anyway the home schooling preschool projects have been fun and relaxing so far. I plan to take JM out of school and we will all go to the Renaissance Festival this Friday so I am hoping to turn that into a learning experience as well. 


I have also managed to take a step (or five) back from the three moms groups I belong to as well as PTA. Saying I couldn’t do this or that or attend an event made me feel really guilty at first but I am realizing I create that guilt. I owe it to myself and my children to feel more balance and do what is important. What I was doing is in my mind thinking if I don’t do whatever it is I am being asked to do then no one will. Now I am trying to adopt the opinion if no one does it I’m ok with that. If it is something that is important to me than I should step up and only if it is something I feel is important to me. I am feeling so much freer!!!


I also had dental work done yesterday and OMH I hate the dentist. I have been sore all yesterday and all of today but I am already feeling better and I know when this soreness wears off I will be feeling a lot better. So all in all things are going good. 


My scrapbook cabinet still stares at me to work on my craft and I really plan on making that my next thing to work on. I want to do more “me” crafts. I swear I will have this whole stay at home mommy stuff down just in time for my “baby” to start school!!!

Jillian Michaels music video – Lift

I’m so conflicted. I want this I want that but I can’t seem to get behind my convictions. I’m too scared to ……scared to what? Be happy? Be the person I want to be? Be who I’m supposed to be? My head tells me one thing but my subconscious leads me to other actions. It is frustrating and infuriating. It’s sad and stupid. How can someone who believes so much in everyone not reach me? Why not me? Why can’t I believe that?

no tiny moments to report…..

Ok so my camera decided to take a dive off the counter top onto the tile the other day (with MD’s help) hence no recent tiny moments.



I am very depressed about this for many reasons. First of all at myself for leaving the camera in a place where that could happened, at MD for running around the kitchen Island after I asked her to stop twice, for the waste of money when I can’t even sell the old one and just the time/effort to now find the best deal. Plus MD has been doing great with our home schooling efforts and I wish I could take some pictures. I guess I will just have to do some finished product pictures but I hate to miss getting the process pictures. 




So now I need to look at replacing it with a new digital camera I was looking at the Canon Rebel XT but WOW the cost. That is my dream camera but I just don’t think I can justify $800+ right now in this economy. (link if you know of a deal). The other high end camera I am considering is a Nikon D60 but that one is in the $500 range and part of me thinks if I’m going to spend that then just go the extra $300 for what I really want.


There are a few low end cameras I have read good reviews on. The Canon Powershot SD1100 IS


Then there is the Canon Powershot 110 is and the Canon Powershot A2000 is. Can anyone give me a comparison of the three Powershots?



 What kind of camera do you have? Do you like it? Why or why not? The one feature I love on my current camera and would like to have again is burst and the self timer.

Any suggestions?


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