This is so funny!

Thanks MR for the site. I have laughed for about 20 mins straight!


I know life has been quiet around here lately but that is always the case after National Blogging Month. I have had a big month so far. My lifestyle change with food has been an up and down process but I think I am winning more days then not so that is a positive. I have to go to the doctors tomorrow and I have an appointment on the 22end with a nutritionist.
Over the past two weeks I have been crafting again and I forgot just how much I love it and how fulfilling it is to create with my hands. I made my girlfriends a small token for Christmas. I made them each a set of magnets. I still need to spray paint the Altoid boxes I plan to gift them in.
For their children I made a small drawing journals inspired by my friend in Arizona. I am very happy with how they turned out!  I included colored pencils. I made MD one and she has already been very busy making pictures. They are coming over next Wednesday to decorate Santa cookies, make a Christmas craft and have lunch. This is a tradition I did every year in AZ on Christmas Eve. I am hoping this will start a new tradition here.

I am finding myself much more relaxed these days. I have resigned all but one of my varies volunteer positions. I have stayed on with JM’s Boy Scouts Den because I really do love that one. But one day I just realized why am I killing myself doing all these “jobs” for people who don’t appreciate it. The cherry on top was I was not enjoying myself. So just like that I have quit and that’s that.

I am not big on New Year resolutions but I think I am making one this year for the first time in a very long time. So my resolution will be; to do what and only what makes me happy. I need to take care of myself. I need to spend time with my family. This is the time I will get back to crafting and making my body and soul strong.

Ok so I hope to post again before Christmas but if I don’t have a good one because I know I will be!!!

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