WOW 30 days are gone…..

I can not believe I made it. I wasn’t sure about it this year but I am so glad I did it!!!

tree trimming 2009

Yesterday we trimmed the tree. I am not a huge fan of season decorating. Maybe because I hate all the money that inevitably gets spent over the holidays or the fact that my mother’s house growing up (and to this day) is one big Christmas fest. It’s as if a candy cane and Santa threw up after making babies in her house. I love my mother but she had never been one to do things small.

We adopted an Elf and we named him Ernie. The story goes that the Elf watches us everyday and reports to Santa each day. I have always told my kids Santa is just a fun something that is pretend but they still like to do it anyway. The hardest part is the stupid book said the Elf would be in a new place every morning. BUT it did earn me an extra thirty minutes in bed this morning as the kids looked for him.

In any case here is our tree and the kids did have a good time.

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my dad’s sixty first birthday. I invited him to dinner at my home with my family and we celebrated over mixed grill and apple pie (his favorite). My wonderful husband cooked and what little I ate it was wonderful! My dad was happy and days like today I remember just why it is we moved back to this swampy land. Along with my husband my father is the best man I have ever known. I know I am very lucky to have him in my life. He always has my best interest at heart and even when I ask him to go against what he thinks is best for me he will hold my hand if I need it. He has always been there to catch me or pave a path so the fall doesn’t even occur.


My dad is mostly misunderstood by people and while I haven’t always liked it (the teen years) I “get” him. This past week has been a hard one for me medically and he has been there along with my other family members.


I love my dad so much. I have always looked up to him. I clearly remember an argument with my Uncle Walt when I was maybe five or six. It was in regards to which man was stronger and I do believe my dad won when I declared “my dad can lift a house and a tree at once”.


I will always be his little girl and he will always be my superman dad. The man that can rescue me in an instant and fix anything.

I love you daddy… Happy Birthday!

Black Friday

Well here it is the eve of the day after Thanksgiving and my online friends are all abuzz about the deals they got this morning. I haven’t gone to an after Thanksgiving Day sale since JM was about one and my MIL was in town babysitting him. I’m a little sad I didn’t brave it this year but really I didn’t NEED anything. I suppose a laptop or a Zhu Zhu or two could have been fun under the tree but really our budget and list are done this year…. I miss getting deals though. Maybe next weekend I will find a yard sale or two to blow money on but at least it will be a lot less price wise and more quantity wise as well.

Thursday Thirteen

I am so thankful today 

  1. My heath
  2. My children
  3. My loving husband
  4. My supportive family
  5. My amazing friends
  6. A roof over my head
  7. Good books to read
  8. warm socks
  9. Being finished with my holiday shopping
  10. Good music
  11. afternoon naps
  12. sssshhhh my Blackberry
  13. More love in my home then I ever imagined!

Wordless Wednesday

TV Tuesday

How in the world did I live before this DVR? I love it. (Probably more then I should). I never worry about when a show comes on now or what I might be missing. Or racing back to the house to see the beginning of a show. Those days are long gone. Yes it is safe to say I love my DVR. I will save up a week worth of my soap. One time I saved an entire season of the Amazing Race and watched it in one night. Talk about fun! It’s almost as nice as video on demand. If you don’t have a DVR I highly suggest trying one out.   



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