It’s just a little Aloe…..

This summer has been very full so far. I have taken the kids many places and enjoyed our time together. Today at swimming lessons one of my friends seem to be having a hard day and I invited her and her children to have lunch at my house. I told her I had two free hours before I need to take the kids to another activity. She said I always do such fun activities with my kids but no matter she happily agreed to come over. It was fun I made fish stick for all the kids and her and I shared some fruit. (She also happens to be one of my workout buddies). Her children are one and three years old. So they are the exact same age difference as my kids except mine are four years older then hers. She sat at my table looking frazzled and I assured her everything would get easier. She said things like you are always so prepared and look you even have an Aloe plant, followed by my son saying “oh I love when my mom rubs the aloe on my back”. She marveled at how sweet our two boys played even with the age difference. I completely get this girl. My heart still melts when my child finds another sole that enjoys his company. My son is largely misunderstood and as a mother of a child like that it is so very hard to watch. So when she thanked my child for being sweet for playing with her child I completely understood. Tomorrow at swim lessons I will be bring her a snip from my aloe plant in a coffee mug ready to plant her own plant. Motherhood can be learned and done on our own but why not help someone out alone the way.

Ahhh to live small

I must admit, I have a bigger home. I grew up in a big home and it seems that with each house my husband and I buy since we purchased our first home they get just that much bigger each time. On some levels I suppose in my mind it is a sign of social standing. Is my husband taking better care of us then yours is your family. But I say this report and I had an instant ping of jealousy. I walk a fine line in my mind of wanting to live a life of having everything I could ever want at my finger tips or living a truly simple life. I would like to think I could do the latter but I am just not sure but I wish I had the courage to try. I hate the keeping up with the Jones society we all currently live in and I long to escape it.

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I worry about so many things all of the time. From money to food to why my hair won’t grow out of this awful hair cut. But I am trying to stop that. I want to be more in the moment. I have really focused on this so far this summer. The kids and I have enjoyed many outings and today we went skating. Other then once when JM was a baby and we did skating with the babes in strollers this was the kids first time. I must admit I was a bit on the rusty side myself. I am happy to report only a few minor spills on the children’s behalf and amazingly enough I managed to stay upright the whole time. In the two hours we were there we only made it around the rink about four or five times but it was fun. We laughed until our sides hurt. MD even brought build a bear in her baby carrier. It was quite cute I must admit.

Let the love in

I can hardly believe another year has past. Our twelve year anniversary was today. How life has changed for us. From two single people to an old married couple happy to stay home and have family movie night. We did our usual (even pre marriage) the local Parade. I really missed this when we were out West.

Then back home to do our own fireworks and then a movie. The whole family was up past midnight. It was a bit of a rainy day and night but what does one expect for the South?

I remember the night John and I meet. It was at a housewarming party for a couple we bought knew. There were about 15 guys and just myself and the female home owner. I didn’t want to be there but she begged me not to leave her alone with all those guys. And all evening one of John’s friends hit on me and all I could focus on was who was that mysterious quiet guy playing the guitar ignoring me? I hate being ignored especially when I am trying very hard to be noticed. But by the end of the night we ended up going to breakfast and talking till dawn. I am so very glad he finally noticed me.

A Place For Everything

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