Happy Birthday Tator Tot!

We went into the OB appointment on Tuesday 12/17 to find my blood pressure was 162/92… so yep they sent me into the hospital. I was scheduled to be induce on Thursday 12/19 so they just decided to do it a few days early. I arrived at the hospital at 6:30pm to find I was centimeters dilated with mild irregular contractions. They decided to monitor my BP throughout the night and make some decisions in the morning. At 7am I was still 3cms, it was decided that I would start Pitocin. At 10am I was at 4 cms but the OB wanted to break my water. After set up and start of that I decided to stop them and get the epidural. This was not on my plan. I did not want the epidural but my anxiety level was increasing, even though this is my third baby I was finding it very scary. My nerves were extremely high and after speaking to my hubby and best friend we all decided it was the right choice for me. I was very nervous because I truly believe the epidural with MD was the reason she got stick and had her clavicle broken. The OB and nurses were all aware of that and were wonderful about making sure this did not happen again. So at 10:30am I get the epidural. The Doctor that did that was very nice and explained everything he was doing and it went as well as can be expected. But happened though was my blood pressure dropped far down and fast. Because my body had been running a high BP for the past 48 hours (averaging 160/90) and then for the past month or so averaging about 140/88 the fast drop made me very sick. I was very dizzy, started vomiting and seeing spots. Very unpleasant. The doctor gave me some medicine to stop those things and got me stable after about an hour. At 11:30am they broke my water. Even though I was completely numb there was a tremendous amount of pressure. The doctor even said it would have been very unpleasant if I had not done the epidural. There was a lot of water but it was all clear so that was good. I spent the next five hour in and out of a sleep state. I was comfortable but still somewhat dizzy and sick feeling. I could feel the sensations of the contractions but not in any pain. At 4:30pm we began pushing as I had reached 10 cms. With my husband, mother and sister in the room supporting me after about maybe eight pushes our sweet NP entered this world at 4:59pm. He is perfect.

4:59pm, 6.6 lbs

12/18/2013, 4:59pm, 6.6 lbs

The day was overall a huge success. Our nurse Marisa was amazing. Nurses just do not get the recognition they deserve. She was calm, professional and supportive. She explained every step of the way. She answered all of my questions and comforted me when I was just beside myself with fear and second guessing myself. She was in control of the room and I felt very comfortable with her. She was closely monitoring the level of my epidural to ensure I felt the right amount of sensation to know I was pushing effectively and really listened to me about my concerns and got me what I needed. Our OB was equally as calm and in control. I was very happy with my care for labor and delivery. Everything went as good as it could have and there were no complications.

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