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Sometimes I feel tied down to this planet by the massive weight of my calendar other times I feel like my calendar is the only thing keeping me tethered and safe. Do I just want to do more then most people? Are other people just better at managing their time or do they just settle for doing less? It seems like the children activities all conflict with each other. My jobs are all conflicting and all I seem to want to do is go to the gym and think about food all the time. But I’m not seeing any results.


There are real problems in the world and here I sit crying about uneaten pastas and bread.

A bit of self pity….

Why can’t things just work the way I want, in the time that I want, in the manner I need them to!

broken record

I wish I had some interesting story to tell or news to report but I don’t. Here on the home front we are just living our summer away. Swim lessons are going good; light home schooling is going great and activities are abundant. I’m still going to the gym nearly everyday. And my food intake while a struggle every single day is going somewhat smoothly. I need to post my book reviews and move on to the next book. I have grown lonely in that aspect. I go to book discussion group this week where we will talk about two books (The Time Travelers Wife and Firefly Lane) so that will be fun. I already have a dinner planned and I will eat before I go so hopefully I will not have any problems that evening. What worries me most is the four day trip to Disney and then the week following at the beach. I know my activities level will be slightly lower but as long as I can keep my food somewhat under control I’ll be happy. I feel like food, exercise, jobs, and schedules are all I think these days. I not sure how to have more and still stay focused.

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