And so it begins

Well life is always crazy in the crazy household. I have been told I am always getting myself into crazy employment adventures by my BFF. I suppose she is right but it’s mostly because I am always looking for that just right fit. The one that allows me the most freedom to live my life while earning money for the family. I have always stayed home with the kids but next year the girl will be in 1st grade and the boy in 3rd. Even I can realize when the jig is up……

Thus leads me to the job offer that came last week at my kid’s school. Thankfully it is only part-time but not the best of shifts. I have been told in the Fall the shift may change to be more suitable. Regardless my kids will be in the same location. i won’t have to worry about childcare or what to do with them before or after school. I wasn’t too sure i wanted to go back to working with kids but the bottom line is I will be off when my kids are off and this could turn into something long-term. So if I have to go back to work (crazydad has assured me I do indeed have to) this is a best case.

Please understand I will still stay true to my original backup plan…. winning the PowerBall Lottery.

too good to post

So just one week ago it was dooms day in my mind… and here it is just one week later and I am just all smiles and giggles.
Nothing really has changed or is new just my frame of mind is more positive. My eating is back on track, I am working out and feeling good.
So not a long post but I just couldn’t have that depressing post sit any longer at the tip top.

ok world go on be happy.

Plus today is Anti-Procrastination Day!
What have you been putting off that needs doing?

My day has been mega productive!

what do you see?

So as I stand in a room full of women who are all looking at me. They are waiting for me to say something exciting, something uplifting. Nothing is coming to my mind. I mumble something out and turn the floor over to someone else who has witty commits to spare. Along with some other ladies I am starting a woman’s service group. We are a community group. We are all range in age from 18 – 60. Now I really truly believe that a person is only as old as one feels and acts. With that said some people do not realize how old they act or rather they think and view the world around them. This lead me to think what do people think when they look at me? Do they see a woman that is trying her best to just keep it together? Do they see a mom who is doing all she can to enrich her kids lives to the fullest? A wife that is doing all she can to love the husband and life he provides. There are some days I walk around with a smile all day just knowing what a wonderful life I have and then there are days like today. Days I frown and pout and just wear my headache on my sleeve. Days people must think I am brat and ridicules. And to be honest I agree with them. I have more then most. I have it better then a ton of people. Why can’t I ever be just happy? Why must I have this constant state of mental and emotional clutter to contend with? I keep my life in chaos, leading to over eating, leading to depression. Do people see this in me? Do I have them fooled? Do I want to fool them?

This makes me smile


Or much funnier if you are over 18, not at work or not around children:

the second one is the best LOL

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