Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes one just has to twirl around and around holding tight to someone you love…..

Train – Hey Soul Sister (Lyrics)

I love this song so much! Me and MD just dance and dance together when it comes on.

where does the time go?

I am almost ready for this yard sale this upcoming weekend. I feel like the kids toys and clothes have been sorted and purged. The rest of the house as well, but my stuff… now that is a different story. I need to look though my handbags and shoes mostly. I have more then I need or use. So I am happy with that process. I have been thinking of some blog topics and I have so often written entire posts in my head while away from my computer. BUT by the time I sit here posed to write an entry and I am totally blank. Well not totally I did have an odd moment the other day. I was talking to my BFF on the phone. She was shopping or I should say trying to shop with the “help” of her almost two year old. He refuses to sit in the cart. I have to smile at this because I so vividly remember MD hating the grocery cart seat. JM loved sitting in the grocery seat. But MD would cry and whine and grab at just everything until I would finally bend and let her run free and I would try to remember everything on my list and get out of the store before every display was toppled over. Now both kids walk nicely beside the cart, retrieve the item I ask them to grab and it is not a half bad experience. (Although inexplicably it still takes me an hour to shop). As I was talking to her and remembering how far my two have come it made me a little sad, that the front of my grocery cart is now destine for just holding my purse and the eggs.

A Place For Everything

removing the clutter...forever