MMMMMMM Hot guitar players


Let’s talk about something other then kindergarten for five minutes ok?
I’ve been to about five Poison concerts over the past 20 years. They have and probably always will be my most favorite band of all time.

Now I know goodness knows poor Bret is toeing a line with the third installment of Rock of Love but I still love him. C.C. has always been a close third (right behind Tommy Lee) in my “OH MY GOD” he’s so hot game.

Yeah yeah I know CC has kind of a big nose and Bret with his bandanas but they have always had a leg up over Tommy… I love guitar players.

did I say MMMMMM guitar players? Well if not MMMMMMM guitar players.

The last three Poison concerts I’ve gone to, C.C. has done this song solo and I love it so much!

It’s fun, raunchy and I sing it all the time… in my head, I don’t need any phone calls from the teacher.

Sorry about the poor concert recording but no real video to be found of this song.


Here is my very own Crazydad way back when (1989) Who by the way would K.I.L.L. me if he knew I scanned and posted these!!! I love that he still plays everyday…. but with much shorter hair!


MMMMMMM  my very own guitar player…..

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  1. drtombibey
    Oct 26, 2009 @ 07:38:02

    I hope you will read my post on the Guitar Man on my blog today. He is my favorite.


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