Girl Scout Cookies!!!!

Thankfully this happens but once a year…. Hello friends’ cookies are in!

It’s not the selling that gets me down it’s the delivering of the boxes and boxes and boxes that makes me cringe. MD sold about 250 boxes this year and that is awesome! We have cookie booths to go to starting next week. The Girls Scouts have a special “door to door” patch the girls can earn. That is if the girl orders an extras two or more cases with her pre orders and then sells them she earns this patch. I learned this year these extra boxes are much easier to sell BEFORE the cookie booths start and every grocery store side walk is littered with cute cookie smiles asking for your $3.50. MD sold her two cases with three stops. Thank you to the waitresses at Beef O Brady’s, Winner’s Grill and the guys at Tire Kingdom! We totally could have sold more if we had them. I wish that GS would sell a variety box just for these Door to Door selling purposes. But whatever that part is over. I think next year because I hate the delivery so very much I will just order more for the door to door and try to sell less pre order. The problem with this is the stupid patches. The girls want them and they know this… so if the girls sell x during pre order they get this, or xx then this, then xxx they get this. It is hard to explain to the kid I have to do the delivering after the fact. But I personally only ended up having to order 4 boxes to get her to the magic 250 number to earn her the goal she wanted after it was all said and done.

My diet has been going good. I have lost just about 20 lbs then had a bad week and gain 5 back but I’m mentally ready to start again Monday. I will go full on for three weeks until our Lake house vacation, take that week off then right back for a week. I have a blood test the following week to check my sugar levels. I had a test on the 10th which showed improvements in lowering my sugar levels but not low enough to make the doctor happy. She wants this to be in check before we can move forward with our baby plans. While I understand I find it so unfair that she gets a say in our choice. But I will keep working on it until we meet our goal. I was very upset Friday when I got the news and it has taken me a full two days to recover and even still it is raw. After losing so much weight I really wasn’t prepared for bad news. But like I said I will keep at it and thankfully we only walked away with four boxes of GS cookies. HA HA!!

and just like that a month has past…

I know it has been awhile since my last post. My grandmother (Nana) ended up being in the hospital for over two weeks. It was a very scary event but she is home now and doing much better, thankfully. She has a nurse coming in now and not 100% out of the woods but doing much better. I am still learning how to be a working mother. I have to say I hate not being home, not having the freedom to go to the kid’s school or do the things that I need to do like shopping or laundry or other things that now take up weekend family time. I have always had an amazing husband and even more so now but I still hate it. I now have two part time jobs and today I started a third fill in type job that I hope will turn into something. I want to pay off as much of our house as possible so we can move closer to the kids school, which is currently about a 45 minute drive one way. Like so many our house is upside down and because we have good credit and not behind we don’t qualify for any programs out there. But unlike a lot of people we aren’t so upside down it is hopeless. So that is where I am currently….. trying to figure out how to be this new person.

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