Spring Break 2011

Dock Fishin'

daddy and MD

daddy and MD

Life has been great lately. This week we are on spring break. This year we went to another Lake House in the woods. It is a sweet log cabin with a pool. We are surrounded by a bamboo forest on one side and about a 30 foot boardwalk leading to the dock and boat house. The kids and hubby went out on the canoe fishing yesterday. The whole family is enjoying the pool and hot tub. We have been running the motorboats in the lake, shooting bb guns, sling shots with acorns and don’t forget the hunting Easter egg hunt. We are going literally from the time we wake up to about midnight. I feel so relaxed the only thing that is suffering is my diet! But we are on vacation so I’m not even concerned about it.

Being here really makes everything else fade away.

I was so stressed on Friday before we left. I dropped my phone at Sams club and instead of turning it in a lady took it home, erased all my data BUT when I called it she actually told me her address and I went and got it. That was a bit scary but my dad came along and all was ok (other then my phone was blank) but at least I got it back.

Being here I can almost forget that this new service club I am starting with a few friends is Not much fun, although I am being assured but my mom (who is a member) it will be great and worth it in the long run. I am having trouble seeing the forest through the trees though but I will trust her……for now.

It’s so peaceful here I can almost forget any troubles I may be having; it reminds me that in my life situation (compared with so many) I really have no troubles to speak of. I am so very lucky in my life.


I am sorry I have MIA lately guys. The new part time job at the school has been an adjustment. We have rearranged a lot of the kids activities and J has really stepped up. All my free time seems to be taken up with going to the gym, cuddling the kids and fitting a chapter or two of a book in. Let’s not even talk about the piles that seem to be multiplying like bunnies around my house. But I will find a good rhythm and be around more often when that happens. It’s been awhile that I’ve had to do this so I just need to remember how it works, I will try to learn to juggle better. LOL. I am liking the new job so far and that is always nice but it has only been a few days….

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