What’s the date?

It that time of year; the time where every where you click you will see this WordPress Christmas layout. (at least on all of those of us that are too cheap to upgrade from a free blog) and.…….. the final NaBloPoMo entry of the year. This is my second year participating in NaBloPoMo and about mid way through I say to myself “why O’ why didn’t I take the blue pill” and curse the fact I have to post everyday but at the end I’m always satisfied with my month of entries.

 I wish I had the creativity to post everyday for a year but really my life is quite boring.  One of my BFFs told me she has been enjoying this month’s posts but I still think its all dribble. Who knows though I have enjoyed reading other participants daily entries so maybe people’s dribble is appealing to others? Have a good day and welcome to the official Crazymommy Holiday season!!!

Where the pavement ends

I love this road. It is about a block from my community and it makes me feel so good every time I pass it. I’ve never driven down it but it is almost as if this is where the world ends. Maybe because it is has been so long since I’ve seen an unpaved road but it reminds me of my childhood. For the first I’m not sure how many years our house was on an unpaved road and it just reminds me of good, innocent times. Maybe one day I will drive down this road and see where it leads but for now I like that it is into the unknown.

And this one is for Suzanne because I know she never clicks on my Flickr account. This morning was very foggy and I thought this cow field looked neat.

Wordless Wednesday

Before and almost after

Here is MD’s room the day we closed on the house:

 Painting her room Disney’s Pixie Dust pink.

The Picket Fence and flowers. The fence was made from the discarded wood blind slats. I was searching and searching for the perfect material to make the fence. One night before we moved in CD was shorting the living room blinds and tossing the extra slats near where I was sitting on the floor and AHHAAA those worked perfectly. Easy to keep clean, thin enough to cut the tops off and thick enough to stand up to a girl’s room but again still thin enough to just use finishing nails. I love it!

 I love this little shelf for her treasures.

Here is a small part of her sleigh. I will post pictures of it along with her princess bedding later. I’m getting her cutom sewn bedskirt (to hide the trundle bed) tomorrow I hope. The small table is for her tea parties and an awesome yard sale find from about two years ago. One I almost didn’t get because it was $5 and I only wanted to pay $4, I’m so glad I paid the extra dollar because it is perfect for her room. The wooden bench is also a toy box and was once mine as a small girl. Last in this photo is mirror window and sill. I really adore this. My mother was with me when I bought it and I had to fight her for it because she wanted it for her windowless office. I won that fight but I did buy another hand painted window for grandma. 

Here is my little princess at her vanity table. The chair was mine when I was her age, it is so special that she can use it. I think it would look better painted pixie dust pink but the seat is wicker so I’m not too sure how to go about painting it so for now it stays natural. The table itself was part of the mirror/sill set, the framed mirror and wood rocking chair  all were yard sale finds! 

And last photo is my favorite. I’m not sure who loves this space more me or MD?    

I really do love this room. I say it is almost an “after” because the bedskirt needs to be added and both children need their wooden names wall art painted and hung but we are almost done here.      

Look away, look away….

I’ve question myself almost every time I tune into watch The Oprah Show. It is my own form of a train wreck. I know I should look away, curse that I can’t and almost always feel sick after I watch. Well this week is the worst of the worst of the year’s episodes. Oprah’s Favorite Things show. Which really should be called “The Oprah free in exchange for a plug, obnoxiously expensive shit you will never need episode”


I always walk away from this episode feeling annoyed with my average belongings and a bit dirty, like I just watch some $15.99 paid preview.

 One big conspiracy I think. Oprah says she doesn’t like beef and the world stops eating beef. Oprah puts a book on her list and instance best seller worthy of a shoe thank you that costs enough to feed one of Oprah’s African villages and she says something is one of her “favorite” things and we run out to buy it (or at least wish we could)??? I have been racking my brain as to what homemade items I can make my family this year for Christmas. Because yes we are low on funds but also because if I make something it comes from the heart. Unfortunately I have realized I am Jill of not many trades, actually I am a Jill of exactly NO trades unless one counts surface cleaning and web surfing as a skill and even still neither giftable.  My goal for next year is to take sewing lessons. I wonder if a sewing machine will make Oprah’s Favorite Things list ’08? And if so would she send me one……    

Its Pixie dust and princess power all around!

Disney Worlds Castle at night

Originally uploaded by mommywindow.

Let me start by saying we are Disney people. I grew up Disney, and when I got married I converted CD to be a Disney person and now our kids are Disney little people. I am almost certain CD and I will be the old couple roaming the park with no children giggling like school children when we are old, gray and even more crazy.


We just returned from a Disney Thanksgiving. This place does its job. As much as I want my children to go back to basics and steer them away from all things commercial, I am sucked into Disney. I believe in Disney. Sure I know they are making millions, billions, trillions off families like mine but something about that place I just love. I’m beginning to think they may put some type of mood altering drugs in the water at the parks and resorts because I am happy there like no other place.


All the cast members are so nice and helpful and sweet. I wish I could work there. Everyone is happy and so thankful when you help them. I just love it. If anyone hears of Disney casting plus size princesses call me! Here’s MD with a normal sized Cinderella Princess.


We arrive there and made it on all the rides we wanted, saw many characters and the children even participated in a Toy Story street show.


The Christmas lights were beautiful and The Big Cheese was, well the Big Cheese!  

We’re going back either next weekend or the one after that. We got the family passes for the kid’s birthdays, although CD said it’s really for my birthday.

Support something Saturday

My two superheroes at work! I love these capes, not only are they custom sewn by a WAHM* in the US for my children, they contain 0% possiblity of lead posioning!! 

This season please remember to support vendors from the USA.

With all the recalls and the less then the best quality of materials and in some cases workmanship coming from other countries I feel it is so important to hit them where it hurts and where it hurts is not buying their sub par quality product.

A great post on this subject is from a blog I just love The Simple Family

*Work At Home Mother

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