Is it the beginning or the end?

My sweet baby angel MD about 24 hours old

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I remember wanting her before I really understood what motherhood was all about. All I knew is I wanted a baby and her name was MD. Yes she has surprised me in more ways then I can count. She has shown me there is more then one way to be a “girly girl”. More then my way to show a dad who’s boss and words even from a five year old cut deeper then any cross lovers. Yes being her mother has been a different road then I thought but I love that child. I love her for her strong will, her eye for perfection and her lack of vanity that can keep her hair from being brushed for days.

I remember the day she was born, how afraid I was when I didn’t hear her cry right away. How I screamed out to my husband and one of my best friend who were both in a better position to see her then I was. I remember that weak cry that finally did come that didn’t sound like a new born. It was just her quiet way of being even in pain of a broken clavicle bone.

I still remember the intense anger I was feeling days later when they sent us home before we should have been released. Doing my very best Shirley McClain impression to the medical supply company who at midnight had still not arrived with our much needed Billy lights and blanket.

November 06
The great joy I felt the first time her hair was long enough to be pulled back into two spike like ponytails that passed for pigtails. Or the intense stares she would give me to let me know just how crazy she thought I was. The little girl I called princess dirty face screaming through the house banging around in her huge rain boots she wore I swear for a year straight. Hey there

My little artist who will paint, color, cut, glue and bejewel anything in the name of art. My girl who is so strong yet gets a belly ache when going to a new place for the first
time. She is so like me it is scary but better in all the ways I lack.

First day Kindergarten
My goodness how I will miss her today, my child, my daughter, my girl. I know this is the start of something wonderful but it means it is the end of something wonderful too; her babyhood. I suppose she has not been a baby for sometime now but in my heart she is still so little. All I can say is watch out Kindergarten!

Oh and the boy started 2nd grade today too.
First day 2nd grade

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