What costs $63.72?

That was the cost to fill my gas tank today. Do I have Hummer or a F250? Why no I don’t and yes that is about what I spend on a week’s worth of food at the grocery store for my family of four. I just can not believe the cost of living these days! Just to get by is almost breaking the bank and forget going to dinner or the movies or whatever else. I wish I could bring myself to cut the cable but I’m having an unnatural love affair with our DVR and not ready to say goodbye yet and I’m cheating on my DVR with Netflix. These are two expenses that if something doesn’t change I may just have to break it off. 


How did this happen? When the statement “cost of living increase” was rumbling around CD’s company last month he said it was shot down faster then one could utter the statement. So I am assuming that is a no go. I just find it shocking how quickly it goes out but how slowly it comes in. Without some luck, family and did I say luck and family? We have an emergency reserve for our household. What do the planners advise? Is it six months or a year? Well we have enough to give the false sense of security but how long could we really go in today’s economy? Thankfully CD is in a line of work that no matter how bad it gets he’ll have work.   


I am a bit on the jumpy side the last couple of days. Everything has been going my way… To be honest it has me worried. It started on Saturday when a store undercharged my by $15.00 and when I noticed after the transaction was completed the manager said “oh well your gain don’t worry about it”. Then this week has been filled with really fun swimming dates, play dates and book discussions. This is a minor feat for me. I have been struggling to make a connection to some of these girls here in the South and missing my Wild West friends terribly. While I still miss my friends out west I think I may be starting to make some new one that I can relate to here. 


This week in the mail I got two cool pairs of flip flops from a swap I did online and they fit perfectly and I really like them. Today a new job prospect came up that I have been dreaming of and I am currently past the first of about five interviews. That job would be magical for me and would be like living my own fairytale if I were to get it!  


This week I also decided on trying to make money at two of my hobbies by reserving my name at Etsy and working on some of those to list. Lastly I may have found out I possible have about half the hoops to jump I though I had to jump through in regards to another “little” project I am working on. So if that pans out I will be that much closer to “melting away” with excitement!! So like I said this week has been going my way; friends, found money, new shoes and fairytales….


Can the only down side be the rise in gas cost? The economy that is stalled and failing like a beached whale? Is it selfish of me to hope so?



We visited the Hydroponics farm the other day. It was very neat. Not only did the stackers rotate 360 degrees there were plants at everyone’s eye level. One can not truly appreciate that until one has two or more children all wanting to do the same activity at the same time with only one parent present. This made it easy. Plus no kneeling or mud or bending over. Pretty much mess free with big time learning potential, my kind of day.


We picked strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, squash, green onions and cucumbers. There were many more vegetables many of which I didn’t know how to pronounce let along cook so we just looked at those. They also have fresh herbs to snip.


 All in all very neat day best of all it was cheap, open year round, organic and close to home. I’m hoping to make it back many more times!  

mommy I’m bored…..

I read a lot of blogs about exciting real life people and many novels about made up lives and adventures and I often find myself fantasizing about being other people with different lives. Not that I am particularly unhappy but I find our lives somewhat ordinary. Mostly that is a good thing I think but I sit back and wonder what exciting thing will happen to us today. Most of the time peanut butter in ones hair or tinkle in the wading pool is all I get in the excitement department. 


I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately long and hard and I think that is ok. Normal, boring, middle class is ok. I saw mention of this in our local Dear Abby column and it reminded me of when one of my girlfriends asked me how many pieces of jewelry had my spouse bought me during our twelve year relationship and counting my wedding set, the total is four. She was appalled, and made some statement about if her husband had only bought her that amount when they reach twelve years then he better be shopping for a divorce attorney. I smiled and sipped my coffee but the truth is I am happy with what I have received. In addition to my four pieces my spouse has given me him and all that entails, the good the bad and the ugly on both our accounts. What I’ve got is a man who loves me and will do things that sometimes make himself unhappy if it pleases his family. I have a man who will support and fight to the death for me and our children. A man who has a dream of being creative but sits at a “soul stealing” desk everyday to support us instead. No we do not go on big grand adventures or take huge risks with our small savings or visit exotic places but we are a family and a happy one at that. 


Sometimes during the day when he is away at work and I sit and stare at the kids just doing their things I sometimes feel bored or wonder could this be it? But the truth is how could it be more? He allows me to live this great ordinary life. I am watching my children grow and become little people. What I need to do now is instead of witnessing my life I need to start participating in it.        

Miss me?

WOW we returned home from the beach on Sunday and it was hard to return to reality! Hard for everyone I might add. Daddy didn’t want to return to work, the kids getting back on normal eating and sleeping routines have been a challenge and me well… I came home missing about 19 and half inches of hair! One day I just said the heck with it, put it in a ponytail and CD hacked it off, just like that. My BFF once told me long hair is for little girls and I was thrilled when CD said “oh you look like that Cruise girl”… I excitedly said “KATIE”?!? And he said “no I think her name is Suri”…. Not quite the same… it is a nice change and my long mane is securely on its way to Locks of Love as I type this.


Besides the sun, surf and lazy days the very best thing about going to my family’s beach house is taking a naked shower outdoors. There is an outdoor shower at the house and it is so nice. If you have never taken a shower with birds flying over head and the unfiltered sun beating down on your body, I highly suggest putting it on your to do list.  Sorry no photo of that one.


Now I am trying to catch up with the rest of life now…. I have a stack of work to get to, 184 emails to read, four suitcases to unpack and so many other things I am just drowning… I can not seem to complete one task. I am fortunate that my friend’s kindness arrived in a box today! Just in time this magical box arrived today filled with so many dress up costumes it was amazing! MD squealed with delight as I pulled dress after dress from this box and both children have been happily playing for about two hours now and nicely at that! So thank you Suzanne, once again you have made my day.

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