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We went to the park the afternoon and it was a beautiful day. JM was running about and my friend’s kids were buzzing around me. As I was standing there with the wind blowing, just watching the kids I began to just think….. This was the park that my friend and I went to the day before MD was born. We walked and went on the swings all in hopes of putting my body into labor. It was another beautiful day and I remember just talking and laughing with her about the upcoming event and when it would happen. Memories like that is just part of why leaving here is going to be so hard.   I am elated to go home but I am having trouble wrapping my brain around not being here. Here with my friends and the familiar place we have called home for five years.   

pass the bong, a beer and a fly pill….

Well big news here in the crazyhouse!!! Crazydad got a job transfer….. crazyfamily is going home!!! I am almost still in shock. This was not planned and happened very suddenly. When CD proposed this idea we were thinking it would happen in two maybe three months but they want him to report on April 30th yes sports fans that means we are to leave this desert oasis in a mere three weeks!!! I am a bit overwhelmed with emotions. I am overcome with happiness to be reunited with my family. I feel I have been depriving my children from the family experience. My parents deserve to be around them as do my in-laws. I am also overcome with great sadness; we have been here for five years. In the time I have made some wonderful friends for myself and for my kids. I can not even describe how much I will miss them. But with life comes change and in order to grow as people we must deal with change. But I am really on a roller coaster of emotion clamed only by my “fly pills”. So I will be on and off over the next month preparing for the move and then we will be staying with a family member until our home sells and then our house hunting will begin. This said family member has dial up connection so please if you pray please include me….  OK off to pack, de-clutter, be merry and cry…..  

How much junk is in your trunk? Mine is full…..

We have decided the crazyfamily needs a new home. Not that we dislike our current one but much like my butt in my jeans, there just isn’t enough room to accommodate all of our junk. I have been happy in this house for the past two years and as I set off on my de-cluttering and cleaning and making it look like yes someone might actually want to buy it presentable I realized how much I will miss this house. I mean our first house back home was given to us and taken away almost as fast and really without warning. Then the next house was a rush OMHeck we need a place to live and we were there so briefly… Then the first house we had out here in my mind was always temporary just until we found a nice house and that brings us to this house, the house we were suppose to stay in for years… Well the universe has other plans and with those would be plans comes so many questions. Just when I thought I had everything figure out and ready to lay out our course of action the universe tosses these crazy situations our way….    How do you know what is the “right” choice? I mean we thought all these fabulous things would happen to us if we took that leap and moved crossed the country and while it worked out and we have made wonderful friends I don’t think we are in any better position had we stayed home. On one hand we had an adventure but …. I don’t know. I just never know what to choose and crazydad always rest that stuff right on my shoulders. I still every once in a while have to listen to what a lemon of a car I picked in the

Fireworks over the Castle

Fireworks over the Castle
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We had a great trip to Disneyland! Please click the firworks to see all the trip pitures. 🙂

~The Crazy Family

Well I’m stumped… any advice?

I have a very good friend that still has fantasies about her ex-boyfriend. While I think that is somewhat normal she is so frustrated about it. She says she dreams about him a lot, and not just sexually but just mundane everyday type dreams. We’ve talked about him and the story is they dated off and on for about four years until he joined the army. He is a lifer in the army and is currently stationed overseas (not
Iraq or any combat zone). About three years ago she emailed him and they exchanged emails for a short period of time at some point he told her that her husband was living his life. Then without warning all communication stopped, I think it was because she got pregnant. He must have been having some sort of issues thinking about her as well. Anyway although no “cheating” had occurred, my friend felt so guilty about it she told her husband about the emails.  He was sad but they moved past it and all communicate stopped between my friend and her X. But she still thinks about him all the time. I asked her what would she do if this X showed up on her door step and asked her to run away with him or if there was a way to magically have her current spouse replaced with her X and she says she would not want that. I believe her, I have seen her with her husband and I can see she loves him. So that is where her frustration is, she wants to quit thinking and dreaming about this X….. I feel really bad for her. When she talks about it she is really sad, I wish I had some great advice for her. I try to tell her we all have X’s in our lives and I think it is natural to think about the what if’s from time to time and if she is not  having fantasies about leaving her husband I think this is harmless. She says she genuinely loves them both but she is in love with her husband but loves the X of the past. I know what she means, we all change and we are talking twenty years this guy is probably nothing like the guys she knew way back then. I know for myself I am so not the girl I was in high school……

I just wish I could help my friend; she is such a nice girl.  

To puke or not to puke?

When I was younger a stomach ache was just about the worst thing I could think of that could happen to me. Tossing ones cookies was next to being in hell for me. I would suffer for days in bed with a belly ache if that is what it took until it passed. I would do anything to avoid throwing up. One night this past week I awake to a painful tummy ache. Without much thought I got up, went into the restroom made myself sick, drank a soda, brushed my teeth and felt better. Within about ten minutes I was back in bed asleep.   Problem solved right? Yes and no … it left me with a huge question; at what point in life is puking the better option?  

I meet a girl from my hometown this weekend; in fact she attended my high school.  It was somewhat exciting when I realized that she lived very close to where I did back home. We talked about how we both missed home. How living across the country from where we grew up was difficult. Then when we started discussing high school she asked what year I graduated in. I told her and then she said something I will never in my life ever forget… she said “oh you graduated the same year my mom did”……. What? Your who? Huh? Your M.O.M.? Surely she must have misunderstood what year I said…. No she said that’s the year my mom graduated too. No no I’m young, I’m hip, I’m cool…. The whole situation had me freaking out, stuttering and looking for the closest exit…. I’m cool I tell you C.O.O.L.!!!!!  

She did reassure me her mom started her journey on the road of motherhood very young and that she herself had just had a birthday turning seventeen. But the fact remains I am now old enough to be the mother of a seventeen year old….  I am way too young to have a child out in the world that is old enough to work and pay taxes and reproduces herself….. I am only old enough to be a mother to a toddler, preschooler at the most but a teenager? A taxpayer? I gotta tell ya no amount of puking made that tummy ache go away….. 

Believe it or not I forgot to ask what her mom’s name is…….   

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