Two months

At two months this baby has really settled into the family. He now sleeps all night. At about 10:45 we go into the bedroom and change for bed and by 11:30 he is fast asleep and sleeps until about 6-7 in the morning. While he is a fire sign he sure is a water baby! He loves taking baths and showers with mommy. Everyone around us is in love with him. Every time I speak to grandma, grandpa, great grand parents in-laws etc. everyone refers to him as “My Baby”. But I got news…. this baby is MINE! The older kids love helping with him and if I take him to a evening meeting or girls dinner daddy is always waiting by the door to get him. He is so easy to love!
Here he is in Nana’s arms in his favorite spot : In bed in someone’s arms! IMG_1137 (2) Nana sadly has been in and out of the hospital this month. When we went to visit that day she didn’t want to get up or eat or get really do anything. Then when my dad told her I was there with the baby she sparked right up asking for her baby to be brought in the room right away. It make me so happy to see her so happy with him.

Super Networker!!!

Those that know me IRL know I am busy! Busy with my kids, my home, the community and my business Origami Owl -Check me out here! One aspect of business is networking. I love to learn from others, talk about business and do all I can to make connections. Well this baby has not stopped me in that. He is already a professional networker! LOL So cute!
Here =we are at two meetings we’ve had this month:


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