NaBloPoMo 2008

Well here we are the end of NaBloPoMo for 2008. I made it!!! I like the challenge but I could not do it every month. I just don’t have that much to say or the time to say it in. I hope everyone enjoyed at least some of my rambling posts this month. OK Signing off for a short blogging break………..

14 Tips for Starting and Sticking With It

So much for self control… Don’t know about the rest of you, but I have eaten SOOO much the past two days!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This article came from Sparkpeople.  I found it very encouraging and thought you all might like these tips:

14 Tips for Starting and Sticking With It

Stop Failure Before it Starts

— By Julie Isphording, former Olympian
For some of us out there, if we could just convince ourselves that there is enough time in the day to exercise, we could be on track to a great fitness program. For others, we get started but quickly lose momentum and give up. To help get started and stay on track, here are a few tips:
  1. Throw away the bathing suit you wore in high school… and the memory too. It’s normal to have a mental image of yourself when you last exercised like a fiend. But if that image is from high school, you could be in big trouble. Even if it’s from last year, forget it. Remember as little as possible of what you used to look like. Starting today, make new memories.
  2. Prepare. We already know you don’t have the time, so write it down like an appointment every day. You wouldn’t cancel an appointment, why would you cancel on yourself? Aren’t you important too?
  3. Start slowly. Do much less than what you’re capable of. Take a 20-minute walk if you’re returning to exercise. You might feel like it’s not enough, but it’s a good start.
  4. Get the family involved. Run while your daughter rides her bike. Go to a local track and let the kids play their own games. Run with your spouse. Sign up for a local 10K. Walk with your son. Celebrate with a little something special after every activity.
  5. Where are your friends? Four words, four reasons – motivation, inspiration, determination, conversation. Surround yourself with friends who think positive and live large.
  6. Put the pain in perspective. When the going gets tough, remember that you have survived 600 carpools, 540 loads of laundry (this month), 41 baseball games, 230 dinners and one family vacation. What’s the big deal?
  7. Allow yourself to slow down. You’re driving this bus! For the first time today, you are in control.
  8. Sign up for a race. It’s a goal to strive for and adds a little meaning to your everyday workout.
  9. Run/walk in public. Be proud of your accomplishment. Take in all the sites and be an inspiration to others.
  10. Just show up. Go to the gym, class, or the park. Once you’re there, it’s hard to say no. 98% of life is showing up.
  11. Eat. Follow a healthy eating pattern. If you limit your calorie intake, you will not have enough energy to work out and your metabolism will slow down.
  12. Understand your energy cycle. There are peaks during our days. Even during the week. Try to complete your workout when you feel good about yourself.
  13. Wallow in your greatness. You can exercise to become a better exerciser, or you can exercise to become a better mother, a better father, doctor, teacher, or a better friend – or you can exercise to become BETTER. Be proud of that accomplishment.
  14. Have fun. Where’s your childlike spirit? When you can make workouts “playouts,” you’ve got it made.
Don’t give up on yourself. After all, it’s never too late to be that healthy person you might have been.

Thank you Laura for reminding me.

Black Friday

Our economy is not the only thing that seems to be suffering these days but also our humanity. All I have been reading about online in the news and forums first hand accounts are how awful the crowds were today (Black Friday). The craziness and violence went to far today. As far as to kill a man and injure a pregnant women. All for what… stuff? Stuff most of us aren’t in a position to buy right now. I guess one point of view is maybe that is why so many were as desperate today for the “deals”. I feel like this is a horrible sign of the time. I was happy and snuggly sleeping in my bed all morning BTW.


Now yes I did get my children each one big gift (months ago) and a stocking full of candy for under the tree this year and if it would have been 100% up to me that would be it. The extended family will be giving them plenty. But CD convinced me they needed just a few more to open under our tree. So we compromised at five gifts a piece. I tried to buy second hand and/or homemade. And we all know I love Etsy. In my family the adults draw one name a piece both the person I drew and the one CD drew are receiving Etsy gifts. That makes me feel good to support a person in the US who is trying to support themselves. My mom and sister will be getting something I made and also something store bought. My dad I got a Sigg bottle because no one can put away bottle water like that man and I’m trying to show him another way. I love my in laws and my own mother both families are Wal-Mart and Target junkies… I wish they would not spend so much money or buy from SAHM like this item, or this one or this one. BUT I am thankful to have family to buy for my children at all as there are many families this Christmas will be very lean in the present department this year. 


I know I must sound stupid but I really don’t get it. All these people in our country that are upside down in their mortgage. Some I know personally as high as 150K all inflated numbers I wish the government would do a mortgage bailout for Main Street. Not completely forgive all mortgages just a reset of sort. If one is upside down ones mortgage your new mortgage note would be the value as of 1/1/09 and we all go from there. Unless you owe less then you would stay where you are at that spot. That plan would stop all the foreclosures. The banks can’t get rid of the homes that are being foreclosed on anyway and the families are out on the streets. This would be a solution for everyone. 


But I’m sure it is not as simple as that… but wouldn’t that be nice if it were?       


We had a great Thanksgiving this year. My dad and sister went on a cruise, my mother went to her fiancé’s family and my in-laws didn’t have a get together. So it was just like the Wild West days for the crazy family, we were on our own. We also tried something new for our picky eating family. Instead of a traditional turkey dinner everyone had their favorite dinner made. CD had a lamb steak, I had Honey Baked Ham, MD had a New York strip and JM was to have a grilled cheese burger. Then we had sparkling apple cider with apple pie and vanilla ice cream. 


Everything went as planned until we I went into the kitchen to cook I noticed the entire package of King’s Hawaiian rolls were gone? I asked around and JM ate the whole package while I was in the other room and MD & CD were napping. Needless to say he didn’t need to eat dinner and is now saying his belly hurts. 


Earlier in the days we took the kids to the park. We rode bikes and played and even did a little boys vs. girls soccer scrimmage with the four of us. I even ran some at the park and it was a lot of fun! 


At the end of the day with the economy in the toilet and everything else that is not so ducks and bunnies I am still so very thankful for my little crazy family. I hope everyone spent their day with the ones they love.

Fully Nude Female Prisoner Forcibly Strip Searched by Ohio male cops

This makes me sick!!!

And no I don’t want to talk about it….

The carpet guy never showed and he has still not called. I have been moving my furniture back in from the tile to the carpet in spurts all day… I have tried to call around but no one can come out for at least a week (because of the holiday) plus no one else comes close to the price. I suppose though a price is only as good as the kept appointment. 

What Time Do you Have?

I have certain pet peeves in life. One is doing what one says they will do. For me I do over commit myself but I will do what I say I will do. The other is being on time. As an adult but before I had children I was always early. When the boy came along again almost always early. The girl came and really did a number on me. We would run about 20 minutes behind consistently but I would always make that know to the person I was meeting or call when I realized I would be late. Over the past year I have finally gotten better and once again I am back on track with my punctuality. 


So last year when we were about to move into this house my mother recommended a carpet cleaner. He was a parent at her school. I called, set an appointment and on that set day and time…. He was a no show. He called later that day with a sob story about his mother being in the hospital the night before. Ok whatever the house was empty with no furniture because we had yet to move in and he came the following day no real harm. On that day he showed up about 30 minutes late with no “I’m sorry” nothing but I was just happy he was there whatever. 


So this year rolls around I get a discount by using him again and after calling around I find yes in deed he is the best way to go price wise. I make an appointment last week, he called to confirm last night and yet here I sit a full hour after the appointment time with no one here and no call to tell me what has gone wrong. I have called several times and all I get is voice mail. This really irritates me. He better come today because I have moved almost every piece of furniture off the carpet and onto the tile. And in the bedrooms the beds are piled high with toys and stuff. Oh this guy better show up! I think next year I will pay a little more and try to find someone who understands the meaning of an appointment!   

ETA Now at five hours late with not one word….I’ve lost almost all hope. What a waste of a day!

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