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With the whether turning cooler, and by cooler I mean it is only a high of 90 degrees instead of 99. I decided I wanted a new look around here. Something that match how I am feeling these days. So I hope you are getting the urge to go outside with a good book and sit under a tree and enjoy the lovely breeze.

We now live on a lake, hope no one falls in….

I love this center piece.

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 I really want to be that wife, you know her. She’s the wife and mother who watches The Martha Stewart Show and actually has the ability to duplicate what Martha makes. Instead of what I do, which is stare mouth gapping open thinking OH MY Heck? Part of me feels like this new house is somewhat more then I can handle. This house which is Oh My Heck just amazing and beautiful and once the HOA realizes what kind of people we are will sure plot our extrication and fast!  

That is one of the problems with buying a home that was foreclosed. We got an amazing deal well below market value. A home we could have never even thought about owning, with upgraded features that a person like me only dreams of so we are clearly out of our element. These people have lawn services, housekeepers and send their children (including their toddlers) to preschool even though mom stays home all day. So I suppose I have a few things to think about and consider. I know number one the list is improving our family diet, getting our family moving more and decluttering our lives both mentally and physically. (Starting with the play room!!!).

 Then who knows what’s next…. maybe pumpkin centerpieces?

Pachelbel Bedtime

Not to be out done many thanks and love to Crazydad..

**note the dad above is not crazydad**

William Tell Overture for Moms

Even on the lite days it seems like more…….

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Mike Atkins Entertainment, LLC”

But Go here to view the clip.

Bella and Edward

This book is so amazing. I actually get butterflies when he touches her. I am just memorized with Edward and Bella. I am about 100 pages from being finished and I am deliberately doing laundry and cleaning to avoid finishing it.

 Suz do you like my bookmark?   

Jim Henson’s finest

Anyone remember Fraggle Rock? I watched this show as a child and it was one of my favorites. I’m not sure if it is because it was a good show or because I grew up in the Muppets era but I loved this show. So when the box set of Fraggle Rock came out on DVD I was so excited. My friend bought it for her children so she let us borrow it. My children could not be more uninterested in this show then if it were a Discovery channel documentary on the evolution of dirt. I must admit I am more then a little disappointed. I was looking forward to watching the DVDs with them and reminiscing about my childhood. But once again my children have other ideas in mind. They are currently trying on dress up outfits, practicing for Halloween.  I guess the fact they do like and watch Labyrinth, The Secret of Nimh and The Princess Bride I should consider myself lucky. I guess I’ll try the Rescuers next.

Hi I’m Crazymom want have dinner with me? Please….

Today was good. Today I made four new friends. Four friends I needed, all stay at home mothers, all with children my children need. They aren’t the friends I am use to but I did enjoy myself. It felt good, it felt bad as well. I miss my old friends, the ones who know me. The ones that know me and love me. The ones that not only love me but also my kids.

Hopefully I will connect with some of these new girls but I hate this part. This part (at least for SAHMs) is like dating. You remember dating…. The meeting, the we have these things in common, the try not to put your foot in your mouth, the smiling and nodding even when your mind is screaming huh?  All of the things one does when they are trying to get along and fit in.

 I have never been a follower but for some reason I feel so out of my element. I am in a role I have never been in. I am now the mom with the older children.    Making friends has never been hard for me. Even last year when I had a mini “I hate crazymom” team of two workin’ the crowd, I still managed (with the support of those girls who love me) to make friends and have fun. But for some reason this seems different. Maybe because I want friends for my children and before they were so little (and cute) my friend’s children would just be friends with them. Now that they are bigger (still cute) but very much their own people I worry.  It’s stupid I know in my heart everything will be fine. I know I will find MOMS I will connect with and who connect with me and my kids.

But why is it so hard?

Does this ever get any easier?

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