Off to look for my lost shaker of salt.

Well folks I won’t be around for the next week. My family and I are headed for the beach! I completely need to get away. The kids are bored.  My dad is adding on a new huge bathroom but the dust and dirt is getting to me. I need a break from worrying about our house selling. Even though we have an accepted offer and we’re ten days in (past the inspection and appraisal) I know things can still fall apart. With us making no money on the house with these buyers who knows what would happen if we had to start over with a new buyer at this point. So I will be happy to close that chapter.

  I will also be happy to just get away for a while. The diet has been going ok I am down a total of -8.2 lbs as of Wednesday (6 weeks progress) which seems on the low side for all the healthy eating and exercising I am doing but whatever. I am not planning on going crazy at the beach with food but I plan on being on vacation. I am bringing my tennis shoes and my alarm clock and have a goal to walk three mornings in the week.   

On a funny note my aunt who was at the beach house last week said she left her boyfriend’s metal detector there so I get to be one of “those” people looking for loot in the sand. If you know me IRL that all makes sense. Maybe I’ll find a diamond ring worth $20,000 and solve all my problems! Hey it could happen!

  Anyway I’ll try to pop in at the local internet café but no promises……. See you on the 30th!

I’ll get in and be right back out…….

Yesterday I had a grand idea. Tony Dungy the current coach of this years Super bowl winners The Colts and the former coach of the Buccaneers, would be in town promoting his book. He is still very well respected here and has many local ties. He would be at three different bookstores. My FIL is one of the hardest people I know to buy gifts for and wouldn’t you know his birthday is in August and we have no idea what to get. So the grand idea was to buy Tony’s book and get him to sign it. Very simple task right? How long could this possible take? Well try ALL DAY that’s how long. My mother, the two kids and I drove an hour away to the first signing where we were greeted with a small store, about 500 “ticket” holders and a mass of others wanting to get their book signed. You see the people with tickets were guaranteed to have their book signed and the rest of us he would maybe get to. I said forget that and got back on the road. We called the second bookstore where Tony would be and instead of tickets they were handing out 400 bands, so we high tailed it there and both my mother and I received our much coveted arm band that guaranteed a signature from Tony.

Realizing then just how long this process would be I ask my mother to leave me there and take the kids home and fortunately she agreed. Can you imagine? Two kids standing for three hours in a bookstore winding in and out of rows all lined with books all with pages just begging my kids to rip….. And me needing to stay in line because if I got out these people were just hawk eyed for “cutters” in the line…. It worked out because there was a young boy and his mother standing near the door, the boy was in tears as he did not have on his wrist a ban. The store had givien the last one away. The mother was saying they would wait anyway and hope they would meet Tony and have the boy’s book signed. Me knowing Mr. Dungy had another signing to go to after this one I knew that wouldn’t happen so we gave him my mom’s armban. The boy and mother were so happy! 

Needless to say I am not sure how I stood there so long but I did. When I got to the front Tony smiled and signed my book as did his wife who is so pretty. I am personally amazed how they signed so many books in one day, especially her with a wedding ring that big her finger must have weighed a ton. But they were both very nice and there I was out the door after waiting just about three hours. Crazydad had to fight rain and traffic to pick me up and I had to wait around out front of the store another thirty minutes but it worked out because just as he was walking up to me Tony was walking out of the store to his limo that had just pulled up. There was only a very small crowd out front hanging around. And even before Tony was out the door his son who jumped out of the limo, was calling him, sounding just JM “dad, dad, dad, dad, dad, dad…..” Tony so sweetly placed his hand on his son’s shoulder and listened as his son excitedly explained how he had eaten McDonalds.

After his son got back in the limo I walked up to him and so softly I can not believe he heard me, I said “excuse me Mr. Dungy would you mind taking a photo with my husband”. He was so nice and said sure and my CD shook his hand and said “Thanks Coach”. It was great! And in that moment made worth the day’s long quest! I sure hope my FIL likes the gift but even if he doesn’t I thought it was cool.

What wonderful weather we’re having isn’t it?

I’m not sure what it is with my father and I? How two people who both want wonderful things for the other and who loves one another so much can drive the other completely and totally insane? My father and I have the ability to make each other go crazy. How in a matter of seconds a perfectly normal innocent conversation can turn into a heated debate, one which my dad will never admit he is wrong or mad about. How clearly we are both pissed and being pissy but he has no idea what I mean or am talking about when I ask how to move passed whatever it is that is bothering us.

  Fine I’m not hungry either!  

What did you do today?

On one of my favorite message boards The Batgirls (my user name is jaseyandmallorysmommy), there is a fun game going on. To post a “day in the life of” thread. So here is my Day in the life of Crazymom.  

 Won’t you share?

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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Come have a cup of crazy with me?

I have no idea what is wrong with me lately??? I feel like an emotional mess. I think I may even be bi-polar… I go from so happy to crying in minutes it seems…I think it has something to do with the 4 to 6 hours a day I am working. At least it is from home but it is taking a toll. I feel like I am not paying the kids enough attention.


Yesterday we finally got an offer on our house out west. We are practically giving it away but it will be nice to not have to worry about it anymore. I will be even more relieved when we are at the closing day. The young couple who made us an offer wants a one and a half week closing… I will be happily surprised if it works out that quick. It was just luck, my realtor was putting fliers in the box when they drove by and asked to see the house. They had already made an offer on the house down the street but backed out to buys ours. I feel a little guilty about that but it’s their karma not mine right? They said my house is in much better condition and so much nicer… ummmm duh?!? That is why I have been scratching my head about over the last 97 days on the market. But whatever it’s done and cross your fingers we make it thru….

   On one hand I am excited about looking for a new house but on the other very depressed about how things didn’t work out how I wanted them to. But I guess life is like that, you never really know and most everything is a gamble. I would say over all this has been the right choice. I miss my friends out west, I miss my house and my kids miss their friends and activities but it will be ok.   

My family has been great and that is why we wanted to move back…. We are having one big family picture taken this week at the beach. That is exciting. When I counted us up we are twenty! And that is just our immediate family members. I am grateful to give this to my children. The whole village factor and it is nice for John and me.

  See how crazy I am? I started this post totally depressed and now ending very warm and fuzzy. I guess they don’t call me crazymommy for nothing!?!   

Nine Years Already?

Sometimes I think of that day and wonder where those two young people went. Other times it seems like it was yesterday. I had dreamed of that day all my life and it was even more magical and perfect then I could have imagined.

I didn’t know at the time my dad paid the Priest an extra hundred dollars that day to turn the a/c up or that he had to kick the ovens in the reception hall to get them to work. Or how the photographer tried to leave before the reception started without taking any photos and his very life was threatened if he did (he decided to stay). Or how because of nerves, heat and excitement I looked so scared my sister in law to be ran to my groom who was waiting at the alter for me and told him she didn’t know if I was going to make it down the aisle.

All I knew is this was the happiest day of my life. Still now nine years later I get misty thinking about how I was so overcome with emotion and cried thru out the whole ceremony. That day on the alter John so sweetly wiped my cheeks to dry my tears and during the ceremony I rested my head on his shoulder. Or how when we walked out after the ceremony just before the doors opened to all our friends and family waiting to wish us well and blow bubbles at us he squeezed my hand and told me he loved me “no matter what”.

I am overcome with the fact I still dream about my husband and truly get excited when I hear his car pull in the driveway after he returns home from work. I love this man and I am so lucky because I know he loves me. Happy Anniversary honey, I love you no matter what too!

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