The Beach was wonderful as always

We love our annual beach trip for many reasons. It’s beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and best of all because it belongs to my grandparent’s so the rent is free. They have owned this property for many many years, in fact before I was born my parents came here. So to say I have been coming all of my life to this beach is a literal statement. I remember being a small child, shelling and walking with my parents> I remember being a preteen when my sister was born playing in the sand with her.. I remember being a melodramatic teen. Then again as a teenager mooning over older guys with my friends I would bring and us looking for trouble with the local boys. More recently as a young adult with my boyfriend now husband walking arm in arm talking about our future together. It is actually somewhat surreal to watch my children walk hand in hand on the same backdrop as I have for so many years.

Here’s to wet clothes and red chins……

Another annual Beach trip is upon this family. I can only hope it is as sweet as last year!~

She makes my heart sing!

and below is my little MD third from the right side on the mic

A Place For Everything

removing the clutter...forever