Hello caller your on what’s your crisis?

Well no Breaking Dawn spoiler here just yet. For some odd reason I can not seem to start the book. I just don’t want it to be over. 


That and the impending doom that seems to be looming over my head

No not werewolves or vampires…… KINDERGARTEN….I can hardly believe my baby boy starts school REAL school in nine short days. While very early on I flirted with the idea of home schooling I have known for sometime now I would send him to public school. I’ll still worry about what he will be exposed to and worry about….. well what won’t I worry about? This is the first time he has EVER been away from me on a daily basis. And besides an overnight in California (Dad was home with JM & MD) this is the longest we’ll have ever been separated. We tried the free voluntary pre school they offer in our state but needless to say I missed him during the three hours he was there. He also was a bit bored, they were working on letter recognition and colors etc and he already knew that stuff. Most the children there were there in what’s called “wrap around” care, meaning they were there all day so they all had relationships and bonds formed in addition to JM coming in three months after school started. So after about two months we became VPK drop outs.


I know this will be different, all the kids will be on the same schedule, starting on the same day but my boy is so sensitive. I don’t want anyone to be mean to him. I want to know what he is doing. I want to know everything is being fair for him. I don’t want him to get lost or not eat lunch and be hungry all afternoon. I want his teacher to like him. I love him so much and because I do I’m letting him go on this adventure because I know he is ready and wants to but it is so hard for me. I will ease that pain by volunteering to be homeroom mom and try to walk that fine line between sweet & helpful and psycho & crazy.


On the flip side the girl is tickled pink to see her big brother off to school, to have my undivided attention to herself. She has been chattering nonstop about dance sessions, “girl” stuff and has all of her art supplies lined up waiting for this big day what JM “goes to school”. I almost think she thinks he is going off to boarding school never to return again. I am happy that she will get, though not exactly the same but the attention these next two years that he got the first two years. That alone…. all to herself…. center of moms world attention that normally only a first born is privy to. Now that is assuming gas prices don’t zoom too much higher (We’re at $3.79 today) which is jacking the price of everything up. So provided the economy gets somewhat stable MD will get her time. I’m not saying I won’t stress about money but I’m always stressed about money. Anyway that’s not here nor there at this moment. I can only handle one crisis at a time.       


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  1. lucy
    Aug 14, 2008 @ 13:19:03

    Okay… I am well over 200 pages into the book… took a few twist that I guess really I should have expected but didn’t…. 😉

    how is moma holden’ up??? He’ll be fine…. and take it from me, the biggest scare-dy cat ever!!!!

    hope to talk with you soon girlfriend!!!


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