{update on mom 9/30}

So excited to share mom has been released from the hospital today after nine long days!!! She still has a rough recovery road ahead but at least she is home!!! Thank you for everyone love and support.

{update 9/26/13}

Mom had a great day and night yesterday. Even more tubes have been taken out and she is started on clear liquids. She is so happy about that!!! Thank you all for the cards and flowers she has gotten so far. They have really kept her spirits lifted!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I know everyone would like to visit her but the Doctor said today that still needs to wait because of her surgery site is still an “open” wound and we are very concerned about infection. But rest assure either me, my sister or our step-dad is here every minute with her.

{Update 9/24/13 8:15pm}

Mom was moved out of ICU late this afternoon!!!! She is still in a lot of pain and not ready for visitors though. She is in good spirits, but very tried and needing a lot of rest. Today they removed about half the tubes, cords and other things connected to her so she is feeling a bit more free. She is hoping to start a liquid diet tomorrow. She told me today she will never again take a sip of water for granted!! She is still a good amount still attached for now but the nurses and doctors are very please with her. She is doing as they asked in regards to getting out of bed and sitting for periods of time and tomorrow they want her to start walking around a bit. She is still projected for at least a week in the hospital but everyday has been better.

{update 9/23/2013 9:02pm}

First I want to say thank you to each of you that have reached out to me and my sister. Your support means the world to both of us as well as our mom!
I was with her all day long today and she had a really positive day. They removed the ventilator this morning and she is very alert. While her throat is very sore she is whispering and smiling. They do have her on pain medication but her pain level has been low today and she even got out of bed and was sitting up for a bit this afternoon. I shared with her all of your emails and well wishes and she is feeling so very blessed to have such thoughtful and caring friends. Her temperature and blood pressure are stable and normal. While she is still in ICU when her doctor checked her surgery site, she was very pleased at its appearance. We are hoping to have her out of ICU tomorrow.

I know many of you have expressed wanting to come visit but at this time mom is not ready for that (plus family only in ICU). I promise to let everyone know when she is ready.

Thank you again for your kind and thoughtful words. I will continue to post daily updates until she is back to her normal Facebook posting self.

Mom update {9/23/13 11:30am}

Mom update {9/23/13 11:30am} Thank you so much for everyone’s support. She is doing very well this morning. We are hoping she can get moved out of ICU today. She is very sleepy but talking some and is in good spirits.

Update on mom {9/23/13 am}

Well she is in ICU. It makes me so sad to see her like this and I know when she becomes aware of everything she is going to be so upset. They had to cut out ten inches of her intestines. She now has a colostomy bag, a drainage tube and an open wound. They had to leave the wound “open” because her abdomen was so filled with her waste (making her so very ill) they could not get it all. The packing in her would will help “weep” out the rest of the waste. She is on heavy medication to fight the E. Coli infection as well.
The doctor said this could have been caused by her Diverticulitis condition but not 100% sure.
She had a good night, her temperature was slightly elevated but the nurse said it was normal and due to the surgery itself and should start coming down and has some. She is still on the ventilator and heavily sedated. She will not be able to have any visitors other then family until she is out of ICU and we are not too sure when that will be.
I am hoping sometime today they will have her wake up. Thank you for your continue concern and support. I will post updates as often as possible.

More Medical Drama….

I wanted to post a quick update about my mom. My mom got very sick today. We were in Orlando with the Junior Woman’s Club convention. She resisted going to the hospital for about 9 hours. At first we thought she had food poison but after about 6 hours of being sick we knew it was more. She wouldn’t let me drive her home, we car-pooled with two other ladies. So she made my Step-dad come get her and was rushed to the Hospital. She was having very bad stomach pains and like I said we really we thought it was food poisoning. When she got her to local hospital she was in so much pain they had to immediately start an IV with fluids and pain medication. When I arrived at 3pm the doctors were just explaining that the Catscan showed that were bubbles in her intestines. The only way for this to happen is a rip somewhere along the intestines at some point. They took her in for emergency surgery at 6pm and by 8:30 she was out of surgery. They are keeping her sedated because they are keeping her breathing tube in. They have her in ICU now until at least tomorrow where the on call Doctor will decide when the ventilator comes out and they can slowly wake her up. This is actually quit serious; they believe she will be in the hospital for at least a week. I am very worried about her. Please be thinking of my mom.
Thank you everyone for your kind and supportive words. This has not been a very good week for us medically.

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