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Are you on medication or is that how normal moms act?

My kids and I attended a Princess/ Knight themed birthday party yesterday. This mom held it at her home and removed her living room furniture and transformed the room into a pink Disney Castle complete with floor to ceiling wall hangings and a midnight balloon drop. It was magically and this mom handled it with such ease. Not like I handle parties, she actually seemed to enjoy the day. This mom has four kids all under five years old. Her children are average behavior and I see where I would be a much more stressed mom if I were in her shoes, heck I have two less kids and I am a much more stressed out mom. I think this mom handles her life so well, I strive to handle my life with such ease as she does. Her house is a wreck just like mine is, her children’s clothes often do not match much like my children’s daily attire and she actually gives all four of them their very own ice cream cone and they make a huge sticky mess with them, I draw the line there…. But they are always smiling. She seems to have this motherhood gig down. I sometime wonder if her secret is medication, not that medication is a right or wrong choice but she is so laid back it makes me wonder at times.  Yeah wonder who her docotor is and how fast I can get an appointment. 

On another note I have decided to try a new behavior tactic with the boy. I think the reason he is being picked on by other children is because he can not handle any conflict situations that come up. For example if he and another child are playing and he takes the other child’s toy (or vice versa) I have always immediately stepped in and “helped” him handle it. I am going to step back and let the children work out the problem themselves from now on. I will keep a close eye that no one gets violent but I am going to try not to interfere. This is a huge challenge for me. I do not want him to make the wrong choice or to get hurt himself. But he needs to be able to handle situations, I will not be three feet from him all his life and I do not want to raise a Trevor. I have a sweet loving boy and I want him to be a well rounded man and babying him is not helping reach that goal. I just love him so much……         

Wordless Wednesday

Think positive and postive will follow

When asked to join a march against the war Mother Teresa replied “NO but if you have a march for peace I will”




Everything happens for a reason. We may not understand at the time why, but to embrace the wonderful things to come we must first embrace the present. Forgive for yourself and freedom will follow.

Wordless Wednesday

Maybe I am a whore? Or at least think like one…..

Some of my friends were talking about whether it was morally right or wrong to trading sex to get what you want and it got me thinking. Maybe I am totally warped but why do so many people view sex as dirty or bad. Now I am talking about sex between adults. So with that in mind I am so confused why do we (in general) look at sex as bad. Being a prostitute or a “whore” is that not just a job so to speak.  

For example if not for bills and responsibilities would you or your spouse not rather be home with the family, traveling or doing your hobbies, instead of chained to a job for 8 hours (sometimes more) a day. Is that not “whoring” or “prostituting” your time in exchange for money? 

Forgetting for a minute prostitution is illegal, if a person (remember not just females are prostitutes) does take money for sex why is that considered morally wrong? Who is to say the person providing the sex doesn’t enjoy her job? Again I am not talking about cases where women are forced into situations but in my life I have been friends with plenty of girls who were strippers who had their own “after hours” parties if you know what I mean who really enjoyed their “job” and the money that came from it. I’ve also been friends with a male escort who also really enjoyed his job and all of its perks.  

All I am saying is if I could get someone to pay me for making them a scrapbook I would. I enjoy making them, putting them together and seeing the end product so why would it be any different if my hobby that happens to make money was sex?    

I know some will say that prostitution leads to some people committing adultery but really that is not the person providing the services fault. I would think she (or he) can only assume the person paying is free to do so in every sense of the word. I know that is not always the case but that is not her/his problem now is it.   

For the record I have never been paid to have sex nor have I ever paid someone to have sex with me but with that said I have definitely used sex to get what I want from boyfriends at the time of the relationship and now from my husband. (Not anytime recent but that is another story all together). Just my random thoughts…… what do you think?  

Wordless Wednesday

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