We’re back from another great Disney trip.

MD and Cinderella

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This trip was great! We were there for three days two nights. Once again I can not stress how much saving the Disney Dining Plan is. The first day we check in (Port Orleans Riverside) I love this hotel because we have five people in our party and it has the roll away trundle. The pool is nice and has a neat slide. Plus all the Disney resort have free life vest for little ones who aren’t 100% swimmers like mine so no need to bring floats. After that monorail resort hoping to pin trade, ending at the Contemporary resort to eat at Chef Mickey’s. The buffet was good and the characters were awesome. 


The next morning we were off and sadly missed the count down to the park opening by five minutes. They love to see that. They count down and the characters wave from the train and they throw confetti.


The lines weren’t that long and the crowds were not too bad. The whether was hot and at about 1pm we went back to the hotel for lunch, swimming and naps. Then we went to the Grand Floridian for dinner at 1900 Park Fair and that was amazing! It was Cinderella, Charming, the step mother and sisters. Jason got to



waltz with Cinderella. The food was excellent too!


Then we went back to the park, I love the park at night. We saw the light parade and went on some more rides. The last ride we went on before the close of the park was the Jungle Cruise. The sweetest Cast Member, Karen let my little JM steer the boat the whole way. It was so cute he was trying to do the corny jokes and all.


Overall another great trip! I can not say enough on the Disney service. The touches they take to make each person (big and small) feel very special. I think it is the best customer service in the world.  

Second star to the right and straight on till morning

 We’re off to the land of fairy dust and all things magical. It is my son’s last big Hooray before he is an official “Big Boy”. In less then a month my baby child will enter kindergarten and start the long journey of education. No longer will he be with me almost 100% of the time. I haven’t decided if that is a good thing or not but I can tell you he is quite excited.  See you in a few days.

What we have here is failure to communicate

In the crazy house we had a total system failure. My computer crashed last week. My wonderful, smart ultra tech cousin did fix it and recover almost everything from files to pictures to favorites. A great perk to living 20 miles instead of 2000 and it cost me nothing! What was not salvaged was anything revolving around email… including my email address book. I should be thankful but if you have sent me any important emails in the past week I did not get it. And don’t be offended if I do not email you until you email me first… I don’t know your address by heart. 


It is almost and I tread lightly on that thought but it is almost freeing to have all those emails gone. I had saved emails from as far back as 2005. I had files in files inside of my Outlook. I saved recipes there (I know dumb place), mass emails that I sent out to my support group for two years every week, there was a file folder I keep for nasty emails I got from people just to from time to time reflect on their words I had another one for any emails that were particular nice and uplifting as well. Another folder of a certain group of girls and all their “resignation” letters from our support group to try and prove their point (I kept those to have a good laugh from time to time). But all of those are gone… G.O.N.E.


I hate clutter. I try to purge my home as often as I can with recycling, yard sales, resale shops and more but I realize now I am the cyber bag lady with 100 cybercats. I have a very hard time purging things like this. Well now I didn’t have a choice and I am trying to not focus on what I lost but be happy about what I didn’t lose.     

Happy Fourth of July!!


Today we went to a parade for the fourth of July. It was fun and hot but mostly fun. The kids got candy and beads.


Then we had a nice cook-out style lunch with my dad, his girlfriend and my grandparents at my dad’s new house on the river. The kids love sitting there by the river watching boats, fish and birds go by. It was very nice and relaxing.


Today is also our tenth wedding anniversary. We didn’t do anything special but be together as a family. We’ve had a funny inside joke running our whole marriage that at ten years we would become “free agents” and go our separate ways. Needless to say we have reviewed our individual contracts and after signing bonuses were offered and accepted we have negotiated another ten year deal with the crazy family.


Just like life around us sometimes it’s all roses and sometimes it seems as if it’s all going to shit but at least we outlasted Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra who were married December 1998.

I love you CD you sniff just right to me!


summer challenge number three

When I was younger I liked bowling. It was a good group date type thing to do before alone dates were allowed in my parent’s house. Then it was really fun, something intimate about removing ones shoes with a boy. Then I grew up and had kids. I went bowling once with my kids and my friends and their children. My son was 2.5 years old and my daughter was 6 mts. I stupidly thought she’d sleep in her stroller and the boy would bowl and I’d sip ice coffee, tell him how good he was doing and marvel at the bliss it is to be a mother. What actually happened that day was the girls was hysterical with the bowling thundering sounds, my 2 year old could not even pick up or roll a bowling ball nor could he kick it which was also a source of frustration to him and worse of all? The alley did not even sell iced coffee. I left that day thinking I just could not handle juggling this and I cried on the drive home. It seemed all my friends were doing fine with their children why did I need to leave? That was the last time I went bowling until this week. This go round with an almost 6 year old and an almost 4 year old went much better. Both children were able to pick up and roll their own ball down the lane, even if it was at a painfully slow pace. With the help of gutter pads they actually knocked down pins. They even had shoes that fit each of my children!


I did go again with a group of girls. This time it went about the same I imagine but from my prospective it was very different. A girl had to leave in tears, another needed her husband to come along and a few were struggling in their own right. There was another mom there who has a four year old and we chatted and that was nice too. After offers of help was extended and the chicken dance had played I just sat back sipped my iced coffee and thought about how far my children and I have come and tried not to worry about what new hurdles lay ahead for us.        


summer challenge number two



If you are a grandparent in the Crazyfamily please STOP reading

NOW! Warning Christmas gifts shown below….










Working on homemade Christmas gifts has been fun so far. These are recycled wine bottles from my friend’s restaurant. They are suppose to be flower vases. They were primed with house primer and sealed with clear house sealant. I let the kids paint a coat one day and come back another to add a layered look. Even JM who normally hates crafts got into this one. He went with the “smashing the paint brush” technique but I think that bottle came out the coolest but I’d never admit that to them. Is it me but I really love the kid painted look. Do people who do not have little kids like it as much as I do? I sure hope so because I have a few more projects planned using this platform. So onward and upward with summer challenges here!!










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