How “Desperate” is she?

I feel kinda of bad about this interview I read:  here On one hand I compleately understand what she means when she says she doesn’t know if she is a good mother. But I never question the fact that I am my children’s only mother. I am positive it is exactly what I need to be doing. I actaully saw part of this interveiw before I looked it up online. Felicity Huffman seemed very upset about even being asking about motherhood.

  Asked if motherhood is the best experience of her life, Huffman says, “No, no, and I resent that question. Because I think it puts women in an untenable position, because unless I say to you, ‘Oh, Lesley, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done with my whole life,’ I’m considered a bad mother. And just when I said no you, you went back.”Does she think she’s a good mother?”I don’t know if I’m a good mother,” says Huffman. “I’m there enough. I don’t know if I’m patient enough, though, you know, I don’t know if I’m teaching them the right things.”

She must really be in a bad place inside.I can understand what she means. I question myself daily but to be so raw on 60 minutes. I don’t know…

Got Links?

Ok in the sprit of National De-Lurking week (link curtsey of Very Mom ) I would love to see a comment from everyone and anyone stopping by…

 Let’s see if I can add any more links to this post… how about Geek Porn or Don’t piss momma off or she’ll say you are dead or That’s right Don’t even think of touching my daughter ! and finally If you have a few extra bucks….

I am mommy hear me roar!!!

I have always loved taking classes with my children, to the point my friends make fun of me. I just think I want to make the most of their childhood and enrich their little lives as much as I can. ~and no Noggin doesn’t count, even though it is like pre-school on T.V.~  So we are always off to storytime, art class, swimming, varies playgroups and of course MOMS Club. We went to a music class the day before we went on our trip. I am not sure if it was the excitement of flying the next day or the anxiety of leaving daddy for two weeks or if JM was just having a “twity” day. It was a one hour mommy and child class in which JM acted like a complete fool. This is not normal for my little person. He can be a mommas boy, he can be a bit demanding but when we do these kinds of things I can almost always depend on him to do the right thing. Well in the true sprit of “I know he would love this” we went today for another free sample music class. (you know I am too cheap to actually sign up).   There he was my little participator, he returned! I knew he would love it! It was the best hour we have had in a long time. It almost makes me want to pay the $155 semester fee [almost]. My child was singing and dancing and doing all he was asked to do. The teacher even made comment on his behavior and was impressed with his participation level. At the end she turned the lights low and played a lullaby, I almost cried. I just sat there with my two “babies” on my lap rocking and humming along. I was thinking about how I will never have this again. That being, a total sense of  “all is right in the world” my babies are safe and in my arms. That moment culminates my feelings as a mother. I am protector, comforter, security, I am mommy: a safe place to land when you fall. 

Thinking about my own parents I still view them as such: a safe place to land when I fall. 

On a side note… ekkk it’s Friday the 13th!

are your boobs safe? Mine are!

Today at naptime JM was having problems sleeping and I must admit that big bed was calling me. So I decided to lay down with him for a bit. I was wearing a sweater earlier so when I got into bed I took it off. So I was laying in my shorts and a bra. He fingered my bra strip and asked me what it was. Not interested in getting into the logistics of  “over the shoulder boulder holder” with my three year old I said “mommy’s shirt” He replied “no it’s not, it’s your strap. It’ll keep you safe like my car seat” and he turned over and went to sleep. So fear not internet mom’s boobs are safely restrained!

I hate money

People who say money doesn’t equal happiness are usually those who have it. While it may not equal happiness it sure makes things easier! I was recently accused of being materialistic. I am not but I also don’t like worrying where the mortgage bill or grocery money will be coming from. I hate it. I’m not saying I want to buy a Razor cell phone or my kids are all dressed in Gymboree from head to toe but I just want to live a normal life and not obsess about how the electric bill will be paid. I was up for a SAH job doing phone interviews $8.00 an hour! Anyway the lady just called and said I was in the front running until someone who was a former employee for them became available…. It is almost worse she told me I was in the front running… She said she would keep my information but I won’t hold my breath it took two and half years for this spot to open up… I am so bummed!

We really needed that money…….. GRRRRR I am so depressed

If you listen they will speak

My friend MR ( MR’s Blog.).. Sometimes she makes me cross with her political views. But mostly I just miss my friend. She returned to work and while that makes her mentally happy and financially in a better place it is still sad for me at times. Most of the time I remember “oh yeah it’s her life and with that she gets to decide what she does!” Other times I find myself thinking of her words. She laughs a lot when I say this and her DH has said to me on more then one occasion “well she is full of opinions!” Seriously though I truly believe our path crosses with those we need to hear. One of the many things that she has said I think of often is one time she told me “you can tell how a person will inevitably treat you by watching how they treat a food server”. Another thing I repeat often is “it’s the process not the result”. Anyway she does it again today in her blog she typed “trying to interpret the words or actions of others is futile and hurts your soul”. No truer words have been spoken. I need to take these words into my heart.

It’s all about the phlegm

So we ring in this glorious new year. Full of joy, hope and promises. I joined a new book club, start reading a book and clean the house. I even cleaned out my closet. I make many piles and fill several marked boxes. (garage sale, consignment and donation) . I even go so far as taking four boxes to the thrift store. $100 in credit later and miraculously there are still four boxes and they are still in the robot van, waiting to be marked for the garage sale. Then we get an unexpected house guest! Phlegm! It started with MD’s butt. She has had the nastiest bout with diarrhea I have ever seen and her poor butt is paying the price. Her butt has every “remedy” known to man on it….. butt paste, A&D, Burt’s Bee’s, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and oatmeal. DH teases she has a seven coarse meal on her ass. Then JM has a fever. Now DH and I both feel horrible and the kids have switched symptoms but everyone has a cough and stuffy nose and our house guest and all his baggage. I should be thankful we are doing this now and not in three weeks when we will be in Disneyland. But enough already. I have to grocery shop, remove & label those boxes and oh yeah get dressed! OK phlegm there are pineapples on the dresser! So in the words of so many Southerners ” It’s time to pack your things and go”

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