Why be cheap on this?

Once Upon a time there was a girl who thought to herself “self, if I get the boy a cat we will be it’s
mommy and daddy and he will never leave us” well ten years and three cats later I was right. The boy is now a husband and the damn cats rule the house!
My wonderful husband bought cheap cat food. Why he choose this item to go cheap on I will never know. He has a mind to buy the closest item in need no matter the cost.

Well this “new” food must have something that doesn’t agree with the tummy’s of the three laziest, fattest cats in AZ. They have puked their way through the better part of a week and to make matters worse, there must be a lot of crappy coloring in this food b/c no matter what I do the yucky orange stains won’t come up. This carpet is only a year old! Keep in mind these cats have almost entire bottom floor in which is all tiled not to mention all the bathrooms oh but no the carpet just calls to them “come puke on me” If I wasn’t such a damn humane person these cats would be out on their fluffy overweight tails. I will look on the bright side cats live what 15-20 years we’re half way there.

Let’s do this!

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