30 days :: 09

I will never stop fighting for you JM. I will never stop being your voice. EVER.

30 Days :: 08

I love this picture! They were fishing at our lake and he was comforting her because she hadn’t caught a fish yet and he had. They both did get fish today, four in total. Not bad for first timers! The bad thing is now they said they want to go fishing everyday.

30 Days :: 07

Dear skinny blond Barbie doll in kickboxing class,

Yes we all see you and your perfect body. With your perfect hair, perfect nails and perfect gym outfit. Yes sweetie I know your kicks are higher and yes I know you sweat less then me and yes I see my face is much redder then yours. But believe it or not even though you and your friend are behind me I can see you smirk and giggle at me in the FULL LENGTH MIRROR in front of us. At least I can follow the routine in time with the instructor and you couldn’t.

Least of all I didn’t need the “encouraging” “wow you did great” at the end of class from you. As if you were surprised I didn’t just fall over dead at some point. I have you know the one hour of kickboxing was only one hour in my 2.5 hours I worked out today. (weight training, treadmill and a Pilate’s class). Yes I realizes gyms are for healthy fit people, I am trying desperately with everything I have to become the women I feel like inside. The good news is I will one day become just who I am meant to be and you my “friend” will still be a bitch.

Sincerely, the fat girl from kickboxing

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