I had to smile

I love that I have a friend who without fail is ALWAYS the very first Christmas card every year! It reminds and makes me miss living close to her. Just seeing the envolope in the box make me giggle, really puts a smile on my face everytime! I miss those lazy mornings where the end product didn’t matter but the process was what counted. How just by being in her company along with a select other few … and you know who you are…we could simply be on a friend high (that and the coffee). The kind of joy that makes your cheeks hurt and you find you have shared far to deep of secrets just because you know they won’t tell. Thank you MR you totally are the merriest! Now and forever… GTFs!!!

no motivation

Well…. I have no motivations to write… I have Origami Owl parties almost everynight… I’m so sleepy! I wish I had more to share…

Date night!

Thanks grandma for taking the kiddos for the evening. We had a great dinner and an evening filled with DVR Dexter!!!

The house was quiet and I got four loads of laundry done! I hope your christmas tree got trimmed by your grandbabies. 🙂

I really believe this with all my heart

Some doors lead to amazing things. Some doors lead to…well, not much. But the more doors a person tried, the greater the chances are that those amazing things will be discovered. If you try once and succeed, you’re amazingly lucky. If you try 1000 times and succeed, you’ve earned it. The only trick is to keep on trying until it happens.” -Doe Zantamata-

What are you Thankful for?

Top Five Things I am Thankful for (because the list could go on and on);

I am thankful for my loving husband. Who tries to help me everyday in his own special ways.

I am thankful for my two beautiful, healthy, active and smart children. I dreamed and dreamed of them and here they are making each one of my days better then the last.

I am thankful for being close to my extended family. No matter what happens or how they fight they belong to me and nothing can change that.

I am thankful for having this beautiful roof over our heads.

I am thankful although I am far away my friends still speak to me and we are still a part of each other’s lives.

Ok one more…..I am thankful I feel comfortable enough in my own skin that I can be the women I want to be.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday and can find many things to put on your “top Five” list.

Happy Birthday

JM wow the ups and downs with the kids is amazing. I am so very lucky to be him mom! I remember the day the tech told us we were expecting a boy. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would have a boy. I always thought I would be having a girl so a boy was quite a surprise. I dreamed for weeks after that sonogram that I would not take care of his boy parts correctly and they would fall off. But after he arrived and to this day I am so thankful he is the little person that he is.


He is smart and inquisitive of the world around him. He is so sweet and caring and empathic to anyone who is hurting. And he can find a friend anywhere.

This year has been rough but together it’s easier everyday.

I’m just saying….

I Love poppy seeds and all things that are the size of a poppy seed!!! ❤

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