Don’t cry baby.

 There will come a time when my daughter will learn to do many different grown up things. Most lessons I hope she will learn from me or her dad. Some lessons she will learn from her brother or a teacher. One day she will ask me how to apply make up. One day she will ask her dad how to pump gas in her car or change a flat tire. Today she asked me how to make a baby stop crying.


This weekend I got at a yard sale a Hasbro Baby Alive Doll. This doll is super cool. She drinks water and eats food and actually goes in her potty or her diaper. When she eats she makes chewing noises and her jaws go up and down and when she drinks she sucks. It is really neat. Fortunately for me all the movements and noises work without the liquid or food because I am finish with that stage of life and no sense telling MD this doll has this ability.


Another ability this doll (her name is Amy) has is she cries at random times and says phases. Most of the times if she is not hungry or thirsty she just wants you to cradle her in your arms and she will sigh and go to sleep.

That is where the doll lost my MD. After MD tried the drink and food and talking to her with no stop to the crying MD came to me. “I can not make this baby stop crying momma” I asked what she had tried and then I told her to try the cradle and whisper technique. She did it and ironically whispered what I always whisper to her “don’t worry baby mommy is here”. Then the baby sighed and went to sleep.


My MD looked at me and whispered “thanks momma now I know”. It was a very defining moment for me as I watched her walk away from me. MD has always been a nurturing girl but I think I have just taught her one of the key steps in being a mother.  Very bittersweet.


Wordless Wednesday

Spring Party

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What’s new pussy cat?

Well it has been hard to get back into the groove after a nice long fun relaxing Spring break. We went to Disney and only did the parks from midnight to 3am. It was wonderful. The park was only open to hotel guests and it was pretty much low crowd vs. the huge crowds during the day. (Tuesday they closed the gates due to being full to capacity) YIKES! So during the day we stayed pool side and such. 


Other news is I got a job. I will be doing Marketing, Advertising, Preschool enrichment (devolvement and teaching) classes and part time general manager for a new franchise bounce company new to our area. I won’t post the name until all the permits are final. I am very excited and the owner is very nice. She and I both giggled as she shook my hand and said I am the first person she has hired. We are very similar down to our color coded calendars and the fact that she wants her and I to be two haves of a whole and work around my kids schedules (whom BTW are welcome to accompany me to work every day if I choose) is just amazing. I can’t wait to get started, as soon as those permits are all set we are too!!!



In other news there were several tornados touching down all around my area this morning. Thankfully my house was affected but very scary. Communities in each direction were hit with structural and tree damage and my friend driving just some miles up the road, her van was actually picked up, carried two lanes over and landed in the grass. The school went into lock down for a short time but all seems to be ok now with the exception of many homes are without power again thankfully not me.



Ok off to find a pair of lost scissors……       

exciting new day

in so many ways!

new cuts 4/09

new cuts 4/09

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Today has been great. MD and I spent today really enjoying each others company. We had a nice time walking around the school and looking at plants just not in any particular rush. Then we went to the beauty salon. We both got our hair washed, styled and blown dry (hers was more a trim then a style). We sat side by side and talked while the girls worked on our hair. It was the first time she and I have done anything like that. Then off to Sam’s club for lunch. Now we are back home just relaxing. I had a wonderful day!


Here’s a look at our new dos.   

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