and the summer continues….

Summer is so busy. Sometimes I think it is good other times I wonder why I do all I do. JM had baseball camp last week…. It was a disaster, he hated it. First of all it was ridiculously hot and four hours was more then he could take. So I will not be signing him up for session two. This week we start swim lessons (thank you Pappy!). They are private lessons so they are going to be pretty intense but they say the kids will be swimmers when they are finished with the eight lessons. Which is a good thing since we are around the water so much. MD is very nervous but I hope she will calm down once we are there.


I’ve been going to the gym everyday sometimes twice a day. I don’t think anything is happening but I know it takes time. I’m scared to get on the scale because if I’m doing all this work and nothing is happening I will completely lose my sanity. The thing is I really enjoy working out. I enjoy the classes and the way I feel after. The only thing is my inner image does not fit my outer image. When I see myself in the big studio mirror I almost don’t believe it is me. I feel so strong on the inside but yet when I look up there is that red faced, uncoordinated fat girl looking back at me trying to keep up with the instructor. But I press on. I can not lose this momentum I have going.


On the food front it is still an every day struggle. Some days I win some I lose. My goal is to just win more then I lose. Ok off to the gym then swim (if it will ever stop raining today!)

We’re back

Well we are back. This week we have been unpacking, trying to get back into the swing of normal non beach life. I’ll  post pictures later. We are enjoying being on summer break. We have free summer movies here in our town. This week we saw the SpiderWick Chronicles. This is a movie both my children have seen before but I guess MD forgot because this time around she was just so scared and now three days later she is still going on and on about dark creatures getting her. The boy on the other hand has his “field journal” in hand and doodling and writing all about the creatures. So I need to be more careful with the girl from now on. Also while I have not posted much about home schooling stuff we are still doing some work. The boy is writing stories in his summer journal and doing a workbook that his teacher suggested. And the girl is coming along.


I am still babysitting and as soon as the indoor bounce place gets all their loans and permits straight they will open and I will start working there two days a week (teaching pre-k enrichment). Then in an exciting twist on the job front last week while on vacation I got an email from another job I have been trying to get for about a year now. It’s a very well known work at home company so I was afraid to pass it up and I took the position. I am a bit worried because it is five nights a week (7pm-1am) and they said as a newbie I wouldn’t get a weekend night off for a very… very long time. BUT it has great pay with bonuses and discounts. So as always I will do all I can to keep my life as hectic as possible and now I have three jobs (the newest doesn’t start till the end of summer though).  


I have gotten right back into the gym routine. I’ve gone twice this week and maybe again tonight. I tried Spin class last night and only made it 20 minutes. I was so embarrassed having to leave. But OMHeck it was so hard. And today my bottom (among many other places) hurts so badly. I needed a softer seat. But I’m not sure if I’ll ever attempt another hour long spin class. I did do forty more minutes on the weight machines so I am happy with the over all workout from yesterday but I just wish I could have done the class. I did leave in the suggestion box to add an intro (half hour) spin class to the schedule so maybe the gym will do that.


And in the most exciting twist yet I just saw on TV the Biggest Loser show is having an open casting call in my town next weekend…. Could you imagine…. My hubby says I should try out but really how would that work? Who would take care of the kids, the bills, and the house? So much to think about and that’s all before one thinks about being in front of millions in spandex…

I’m off

To find my lost shaker of salt…………………

The last day of school

Today was the last day of Kindergarten. I cried on the way to school. JM said “don’t cry mom I will still love you even when I’m in High school”. I can not believe how much he has learned and grown this year. I can’t believe how many hours he has been away… and yes I know (approx 1080). But it’s good this is all ok. Children grow up. I still remember the struggle it was to get pregnant with him, the surgeries, the tears and the joy. The extreme happiness it was when we found out I was pregnant.


Time goes on…..


First day August 18, 2008                         Last day June 3, 2009

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