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What happens in Cali, stays in Cali

Well I am back from California. It was a lot of fun spending time with my girlfriends. We stayed up to the wee hours of the night talking. We drank a bit and ate A. L.O.T.!!! This is the first time in about four years I’ve gone anywhere for this length of time and only been responsible for myself. There were more then a few occasions I reached out for a tiny hand or darted my eyes around my area looking for a silent kid head count before realizing “oh yeah they’re at home with daddy”. It was very odd. I got to eat my very own desserts, my drinks all weekend was backwash free and I actually slept all night long with no one “needing” me. I did miss my children and was ready to return but I highly suggest to all mothers everywhere to go on a mommy only vacation!      

Girls just want to have fun

This probably a better image to leave you with!!!!

The Presidents Of The USA – Peaches

Nobody talk about anything interesting until Monday.
I am leaving in the AM on a very early flight for a much needed mommies only vacation in So-Cal. My friend and I are leaving the men in charge of our houses and children and taking a three day weekend and going to have some fun!!! Hopefully, there won’t be any crazyfamily crisis or any natural disasters while I am away.  If there is…too bad.

 I’ll leave you with the above. Enjoy!

See you all on Monday!!!!

Thursday Thirteen

Current TV line-up in the crazy house:

1. The View

2. Miami Ink

 3. Wonder Pets

4. The Office

5. Primetime


6. Lost

7. The Little Mermaid

8. Ghost Whisper

9. Dateline

10. Sesame Street

11. Big Love

12. American Idol

13. Days of Our Lives

Ride um cowboy!

Ride um cowboy!
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Today the kids and I went with our mommy’s group to a horse stable and it was so awesome! MD cried the whole time because she didn’t want to be even within arms reach of me, not sure what is going on with her? Anyway they pet the horse and brushed the horse and got to sit on his back. Then they got to feed him carrots. Even MD had a good time doing this. JM cracked me up! He was very excited to feed the horse so he does exactly as instructed held the carrot in the palm of his hand, stepped up to the horse and held it out for him to eat. When the horse did and in the process licked my boy’s hand and he got hysterical. OH. MY. GOODNESS. It was so funny and cute. JM scream “he bite me, he bite me” “I’m bleeding!!!” After I assured him he was not bitten by the horse and the warm wet was feeling horse spit he was totally grossed out and whipped his hand for ten minutes and we had to leave. So I guess I will rule out horse trainer for him for possible career choices.

What did you fantasize about today?

During JM’s Spanish class today I decided to be productive and walk on the track. It’s a nice track, it is upstairs at our community center and it is open to the lower level basketball gym. Also upstairs in the open is the exercise gym. While I was walking I saw a girl downstairs in the gym maybe in her twenty’s playing basketball alone, and then later she came upstairs and ran on the treadmill. She wasn’t extraordinarily pretty but she had long brown hair like me but that is where our likeness ended. She looked very fit and healthy. Not supermodel thin actually kind of flat chested but so athletic. I envied her, as she jogged with ease she looked as though she was passing the time instead of like me counting the laps and minutes until I would be “done”. I fantasized about a day when I would be able to jog with ease like her. I finished my desired times around the track, out of breath and sweaty and tossed her one final glance. It made me smile, realizing I could one day if I want jog like her with ease. One day…. But for today I am happy that I stuck to my food plan and found the time to exercise. Little successes and one day at a time….       

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