Rock It Today!

{Thought for Thursday}
Sometimes you just have to look in the mirror and say “I’m going to ROCK today” #powercoach

I am totally going to Rock my Origami Owl Business today!!! What are you going to Rock?

Check out Peak Power Coach Blog! It is awesome and I promise you will get inspired! rock

Dream a little dream

When you really think about it being pregnant is really bizarre. I have zero complaints about it. I am probably one of the happiest pregnant person you will every come across. Don’t get me wrong, I have been know to order some wild things from time to time and blame the baby but I don’t do a lot of complaining in general about being pregnant.

When I say bizarre I mean think about it… there is a whole human living inside my body. To make matters a bit laughable (literally) I am carrying this baby very low, so every moment makes me laugh and giggle. I am so ticklish. It quite comical…. I’ll be sitting there and for no reason just start laughing.

One thing I do not care for is the wild dreams. I have always been a vivid dreamer but during pregnancy it gets out of hand. Last night I had a horrible dream about MD. In my dream we were in the past and there was a plague. CD and I were roaming the city looking for MD. She was lost. As if that wasn’t scary enough we looked in an area just for sick kids and found a little girl who was very sick, almost unrecognizable. She looked like MD. I was crying and said lift her shirt and there were her birth marks and I screamed it is her and she is so sick. And just kept screaming until I jerked awake. It was so bad I had to go lay in bed with her for a bit.

She was so sweet, just hugging me saying “its ok momma I’m ok”. But it took awhile for me to go back to sleep. Ahhh I hate nightmares.

Here it is… another school year started.

I can hardly believe JM is starting 5th grade and MD is starting 3rd grade. They would not let me get out of the van to walk them in… So I cried the whole way home BOOO!!

With a new Fall I have big plans for things before the New baby comes:
*Clean and declutter the garage
*Clean and organize my closet
*go through all the kids clothes and get rid of anything we don’t need
*A general house purge
*Blog MORE
*Grow my business
*pay off medical bills

So with the kids in school now I have completed the kids clothes task. Ok its a start…..
What are your Fall plans?


Ok we have boy parts!!!

We its confirmed we are having a BOY! Today was out 20 week appointment and all four members of our family was on hand to witness the utltrasound.
JM asked the tech a million questions. I think JT was happy because a baby boy means less money LOL. Gilrs just cost more; more clothes, hair bows, cuter diapers, beauty pageants and the list goes on and on.

JM is happy because he wants the baby to play mindcraft and MD is happy because she really wants to be the only girl. LOL So I think everyone is happy. I am just hoping for all his fingers and toes.

A Place For Everything

removing the clutter...forever