One Month Already

Today this perfect little life is one month old. Time is pasting so quick, especially when you are happy. He is just so sweet.nate 1 month He never cries unless there is something wrong. He is sleeping almost all night with only one 3 am feeding and is so cuddly. He loves to held and kissed. I is loving the Moby wrap. He has a clogged tear duct so his right eye is goopy a lot and his cheeks are so red and dry. I’m not sure what to do about either things but they don’t seem to bother him. This month I took him to my Origami Owl company meeting, SOAR> There were about 750 designers there and this baby was perfect. I was hoping for him to meet Bella but she wasn’t there. He did get to meet Bella’s little brother so that was kind of cute.1690683_10202834801181998_648190503_n

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