National Blog Posting Month

Well the little project of NaBloPoMo (posting everyday of November) is coming to a close and I am both happy and sad. I am proud of myself for posting everyday although I can not say it was always good but I did it. It was much more pressure of HAVING to post everyday. It was exciting to see the extra traffic to my blog because of the others who were also participating.  It really got me thinking about topics and my memories and what I wanted to say using my very own forum. Up until this challenge the only people who read my blog was my mother and close friends, both of whom have the pleasure of hearing my crap firsthand. I think hope some of the readers will stay; I do hope to one day grow up and be half the blogger as Jessicca (one can dream). So thank you to all who posted comments and read I hope you stick around.

This and that.

I just finished the book Pirates by Linda Lael Miller. I would not have picked this book out myself but I am in a book club and so I read it. It was about a women in the 1990’s who is just divorced and lost her job. She is depress and decided to go on one of those “free” vacations. You know the kind where you must sit thru a sales pitch first. So she goes to this remote island that had once belonged to a pirate. So as she is in the hotel (an old castle) she goes in the elevator and when she steps off she is in the 1700’s and meets, falls in love and gets pregnant by said pirate. I did end up liking this book. And they did live happily ever after. I do love time travel books so I think that is what saved this hopelessly romantic book in my eyes. I’m not sure if I would recommend it and I know it should not take the two months my book club allotted for it. 

   On another topic am getting worried about my 4yrs old son. He has always been a very verbal child, a very empathic and sensitive child. There have been two boys his age that I am friends with the mother that have not always been nice to him. Meaning in most cases if  these boys (at different times) see JM wants a certain toy they will withhold it from him, not necessarily take it away from him but hold onto it as they play with other toys and my child will say things like “please can I have a turn” etc. Usually I will step in or the boy’s mother will but sometimes it goes unnoticed. I have always written these incidents off as growing up and plus both boys in question have one or more older siblings and my JM doesn’t so I just thought that was the reason. Well yesterday we went to a playgroup and the same thing happened with a new boy. This boy also has older siblings but normally a quiet and nice boy. These boys are not taking the toy away but withholding it. Now I try to explain to my child that these boys only do it to get a rise out of him and if he says he is not interested in that toy and walks away the toy will lose its appeal and then my son can get it later. He understands this and will do as I instruct but he fights with his less mature side that really does still actually want the toy. Here is my dilemma I want to teach him that we don’t always get what we want, and sometimes we have to walk away. But my husband says I am raising him to be a push over and setting him up to be bullied. I have always disagreed with him but I am seeing a pattern with this and it is happening with different boys. It hurts my heart to see my son getting bullied and it is happening in a sneaky way because if I am in the room it doesn’t happen but where is the line and how do I teach him to take what he wants but keep the polite sweet innocents? I want him to be independent but not to the point it is harming him. I think I am doing a good job with him as by comparison he doesn’t tattle like other child his age or even older then him. He is a problem solve better then most but I don’t understand why this same situation is coming up time after time. The other mothers don’t seem to notice but then again it isn’t happening to any other of the children. I don’t know what to do.    

So funny I almost squirted milk across the room!

The below is an article writen by Alice Bradley a writer who lives in New Jersey. I must say I am also disturbed by all the bare breasts being exposed left and right. What will these mothers want next? Voting rights? equal pay? good heathcare? mmm, mmmm, mmmmm really what is next ……..freedom of speech?

 Thank you, Delta Airlines. Thank you for finally taking a stand against the #1 scourge of the skies: nursing women.

Last month a woman nursing her child was asked to leave the plane after she refused to hide under a blanket. She claims she was in the “next to last row” in the “window seat.” That her husband was next to her, and none of her breast was showing. As if it matters, that none of the passengers could actually see her. If they can’t see her, they could surely hear all that contented suckling. And what about Jesus, ma’am? As we know, he’s watching us all, especially those of us at an increased altitude. Do you think he wants to look at that?

Now Little Miss My Child Needs to Eat is suing, and no one, not even Barbara Walters, has supported the two airlines as they struggle to help everyone forget what breasts are for. Oh, Barbara. I’ll never forget that moment last year, when she pursed her lips and told the world what they could do with Breasts on a Plane. I can still remember that look in her eyes: so haunted, so judgmental.The only thing I ever got out of my breasts was some wood shavings, she seemed to say. And that was when I was interviewing Anwar Sadat.Now more than ever, someone’s got to take a stand. Every day, the International League of Breast Fetishists continue their breast-forcing campaign. The World Health Organization claims that breastfeeding is the most important thing you can do for a baby’s health. The American Academy of Pediatrics insists that there are “health, nutrional, immunologic, developmental, psychologic, social, economic, and environmental benefits” to breastfeeding. The CDC is committed to promoting breastfeeding around the world. Perverts. Even the companies—Target, Starbucks, and Toys ‘R’ Us, for instance—who frequently attempt to save us from breasts, trot out their “official policies,” which are filled with a bunch of hippy-dippy, women-have-rights nonsense, the moment they come under fire. Thank goodness their employees don’t actually know about these policies and can cast out the nursing women, or at least humiliate them. Can you imagine what our shopping excursions would be without these brave souls? We’d have to look really closely at some woman sitting in a corner with her child, and when we did, we’d maybe see parts of boobs.

Some parts of the breasts are okay–the cleavage, for instance–but the utilitarian parts are, objectively speaking, abhorrent. Victoria’s Secret employees understand this. They spend their days supporting and lifting the objects in question, so they know. And when a nursing woman was asked to feed her child in the employee bathroom, that’s what they were trying to teach her—that those circles in the middle of the breasts are the dirty bathroom parts. And yet she failed to understand. Her response? “I don’t eat in the bathroom and my daughter doesn’t eat in the bathroom.”

You don’t? But then where do you eat your nightly set of Twix Bars? Where do you stuff the wrappers, if not in the tank? This world doesn’t make sense anymore.

Another important issue surrounding public breastfeeding is safety. A local parks director finally made this clear, after a woman at a community pool wanted to stay and breastfeed her baby while her five year old was swimming. “When you see something like that, it draws people’s attention from the pool. You kind of take a double take, triple take, then you sink to the bottom of the pool.”


Breasts cause people to sink. In fact, women’s breasts are killing people all across the country. How many headlines do we need to see before we take action? “Nursing Mother Kills Twelve at Water Park.” “Local Man Views Nip, Drowns in Slurpee.” “Raised Eyebrows Caused By Breast Feeding Increase Chance of Headaches, Bad Moods, Brain Cancer.”

Nursing women are killers, and they must be stopped.If, like me, you want nothing more than for these nursing women to stop turning you on, you can take action. I urge you to stand and fight, before a breastmilk tsunami sweeps us all away. Thank you.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Sesame Street

Information according to a website called wikipedia. 20 great facts and trivia about everyone’s favourite childrens program. 

1. Baby Bear is Jewish.

2. The Count is nearly two million years old.

3. The Count’s laugh after counting each number was discontinued over concerns of it frightening children.

4.  In 1985, Snuffeupagus ceased to be a creature only Big Bird can see.  The reason?  Concerns that adults not believing Big Bird about Snuffy would lead to children being afraid to speak out about sexual abuse.

5.  In the first season, Grover was brown, not blue.

6. Cookie Monster predates

Sesame Street

by 3 years.  He began his life as “The Wheel Stealer” in an unaired General Foods commercial, and went on to become involved in an IBM training film and a commercial for Munchos, where he went under the name “Arnold the Munching Monster.”  Back in these early days, he had a big set of sharp teeth and seemed a little more terrifying to kiddies than the friendly blue monster we all know and love.

7. During his first season in 1979, Telly was known as “The Television Monster.”  He had an antenna on the top of his head and his eyes would spin around whenever he watched TV.  In 1980 he was revamped into the worrywart we’ve all gotten used to.

8. Rosita, the only Hispanic Muppet on Sesame Street, is actually a fruit bat.

9.  In the first season, Oscar the Grouch was orange, not green.

10. In 1970, a single was released of Ernie singing “Rubber Duckie.”  It reached #16 on the Billboard chart.

11.  Bert and Ernie aren’t gay.  Get over it.  Sesame Workshop has gone on record about this.

12.  The pilot episode of

Sesame Street that was screen tested in front of a number of families in July 1969 featured only one Muppet sketch.  It involved Bert and Ernie.  This was the only part of the show that tested well, so the show was retooled to focus more heavily on the Muppets, and to have them interact with human characters as well.
13.  After Jim Henson’s death in 1989, only a handful of “News Flash” segments, which prominently featured Kermit the Frog, were created.  In 2001, the sketches, both old and new, were abandoned completely.

14. Guy Smiley’s real name is Bernie Liederkrantz.
15.  The fat blue muppet that always plays a customer to Grover’s waiter has a name befitting his appearance – Fat Blue.

16. In 2002, a the South African version of

Sesame Street , an HIV-positive muppet was introduced in 2002.  Kami is a five year old girl that became HIV-positive through a blood transfusion as an infant.  Her name is derived from the word “Kamogelo,” which means “acceptance” in several African languages.
17.  Contrary to popular belief, Big Bird is not a canary.  He’s a Golden Condor.

18.  Although the character of Elmo didn’t debut until 1984, the Elmo puppet was used regularly as a background Muppet since the early 1970’s.
19.  Barkley was originally intended to be an acrobatic ape rather than a sheep dog.  As well, he was called Woof Woof at first, only being called Barkley after several appearances.
20.  Ken Kwapis, the director of the 1985 Sesame Street film “Follow That Bird,” went on to be involved in the creation of such cultural TV landmarks as The Larry Sanders Show and the The Office.

He’s never done that before…..

I have never been fond of dogs. I have been told as a child I was bitten by a dog. The story goes I was hitting her with a toy frying pan and she nipped at me. My parents got rid of the dog and thankfully kept me. I don’t remember this but I have always been very afraid of dogs. JM did not inherit this fear but my fearless MD did. It is actually one of the two fears she has. Ironically her other fear is heights which is the one fear DH has.   As a kid we did not have any pets after the nipping dog. My father always said that pets are animals and animals belong outside. We have cats in my home and anytime anyone is sick with a belly ache, headache, eyelash ache my father says “it’s those darn cats” ummm ok whatever.  Somehow I managed to pull DH away from football and we went to the park today. As we are playing peacefully a lady comes and has what looks to be a Lab or some bread close. It is not on a leash and is running up to my children. I say to my DH to pick up the girl and the lady looks at me and says “oh he is a sweet dog”. My family then left the park. Number one hello there is a leash law for a reason. Two “oh he is a sweet dog” is what they say right before the dog steals someone’s face. Then with the follow up comment that always comes after an incident like that “he’s never done that before”.  I hate that. I hate when anytime a person is doing something that can negatively affect my family. Like when someone is smoking right in front of the restaurant door. Hello my family has to walk thru your cloud of secondhand smoke to enter the building. Or when someone is cussing loudly in public. I don’t want my kids hearing that or at least hearing that outside of our home from anyone other then me.   Come on people please respect that you are not alone in this world!      

Goldfish go bad?

Ok think of the cheapest person you know and ask him for $20.00, see the look on his face??? That’s me. The queen of cheap. My son actually said to me once as we were grocery shopping

JM:mommy I want those cookies.
Me: No JM not today
JM: Oh because they aren’t free today.

I do use coupons, rebates and stockpile like the big one is coming. The one problem with stock piling is remembering to rotate ones reserves. This is a lesson hard learned this week. So the children want goldfish. So
mommy trots out to her reserve food shelf. Pour each child a bowl and JM takes a few bites and says he’s done and MD has a few but that’s it. Now for JM he has his non eating days but MD eats her portions, my portions, what’s left of JM’s and cries for more. So DH takes a bite of these goldfish crackers only to quick spit them out and gulp his drink and rushed upstairs in search of his toothbrush. Who knew goldfish go bad but they do! Now everytime DH eats anything he is inspecting the package for expiration dates. So far we have realized we are currently feeding our family expired mayo (6/05), expired salad dressing (5/05) and DH is just sure the cheese nips are old… Those were just purchase this week but DH is convinced they are expired too. Also did you know that Mac and Cheese goes bad? Well it does and it tastes nasty!
What’s a cheap girl to do?

We all know you masturbate but do you eat your boogers?

Ok so I am driving a long today minding my own business when I am stopped at a red light and look over and see this guy picking a winner and ekkkk pop that sucker right in his mouth. YUCK! Now we all know nose picking is like masturbating we all know we do it but no one wants/needs to talk about it (that much). But who among us has a tasty nose goblin treat once in awhile? I can safely say in my thirty one past years at least twenty nine of them have been booger eating free. I can’t speak for the other two and before you giggle with squeamish delight I am talking about the first two are unaccounted for. Even my two year old often tells me ”
mommy, no eat boogies” I am not sure if this is a test but hopefully when I am not looking she still washes them down the drain.
This got me to wondering how many among us are booger eaters and what does that say about the human race? I know many among us are racist. Some are sexist. Many are even fascist. Are we the booger eating, belly button sniffing, toenail biting society that some say? MMMM yummy.

On that note I am down 5lbs don’t ask me how b/c really I have no idea. Maybe it is all this crap I am unloading on this blog. There does seem to be more room in my head or maybe it is always this empty.

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