The Doctor just called… I have helium handcitis… they are working on a cure.

This week has held many “firsts” for me.

JM’s first day of school, his first hurricane day, his first fire drill, my first PTA meeting and the first time (that I can recall) I quit doing something that I said I would do for the sole reason of over commitment.


This week I was challenged to try a few new things outside my box. The first is for me to trim the fat of my commitments. I did that this week and it was so hard to actually admit to myself and the person I made the commitment to I have over extended myself. But she understood and actually commended me on knowing my limits. I suppose from now on I need to focus on knowing my limits before my helium hand goes up to say I can do the job rather then bow out after.


The second is to take a specific event (a day at Disney) and not plan it at all, to go with the flow letting the day take us were it takes us. That day will be in a few weeks so we’ll see how I do.


And the third part of the challenge is to not to take on any new projects or commitments (you know that old helium hand I was speaking of). Well that one is a bit tricky….. I think this one is a success but it may fall into the gray area. I was asked at the PTA meeting this week to head up one or more committees. Now the old people pleaser, over committing crazymommy would have jumped all over that one. I am happy to say I walked away from that three hour PTA meeting with my name not at the top of any committee list. Here is where it gets gray; I did volunteer to help on two different committees. In my defense I think everyone has to do their share and second I am not in charge of anything. 


So like I said many new firsts for me and my house.   

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  1. Miriam
    Aug 27, 2008 @ 12:14:05

    Good for you! It is hard to say “no” and it is really nice that the other person respected that rather than complaining to you.


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