Dance Party

Dance party

Nothing better then having all the windows open on a cool fall day and having a dance party!

Fun times.

Well I’m going into the weekend positive. I did not exercise as much as I had planned but my food was on track this week. Last night I won over my mental need for a bag of popcorn so yeah me!!! The good week despite the massive stress co-organizing my son’s schools spaghetti dinner. The dinner is the kick off to the book fair and we are having a live DJ, face painting, games, snow cones, popcorn and a silent auction.  


And then Saturday is my community yard sale. I have about four boxes from past sales and about two new boxes I’ve gathered from the house this month. I’m hoping for at least $100 but most everything will be a quarter. The goal is to get rid of junk not make money so I will repeat that in my head all day as I am lowball. 


Today the girl and I with some friends are going to a tea room. They are having a Teddy Bear tea just for our group and I can not wait. This is right up my little princess’ alley. I hope I get some cute pictures!



I am also busy thinking of topics for this year’s NaBloPoMo . Any suggestions?






Well now that was fun…

I was going along fine. Even though I wasn’t posting everyday I was still doing great until Thursday at 10pm … I had a rough day (not with food just busy) and then urge to have a pop tart was big. And at 10pm I had talked myself into having it. Friday Saturday and Sunday were causalities. But here I am Monday and armed with my plan of healthy food and a vision of what DVDs and exercises I’m going to do this week. The scale reflects my setback but that is ok. 


I get a daily email from the Jillian Michaels’ website. I thought it was ironic the topic of motivation today, Telling It Like It Is. It talks about setting realistic goals and how this is not a diet but a real change. That saying “lifestyle change” is so overused but true. Here are two points that really hit home for me after this weekend.     

Allow yourself room for setbacks. One setback is only one setback — it’s not the end of the world, nor is it the end of your journey toward a better you. You don’t have to give up. Just get back on the bandwagon and keep going.

Walk the line between self-denial and self-indulgence. It’s the middle ground between the two that will offer you the best foundation for building your new life. Maintain your discipline by allowing yourself little pleasures every now and again. 


So Here I start again.

How many horses are bothering you?

Everything has been on track these last few days I’ve just been extremely tired. Every free moment I’ve wanted to rest so I have not had a chance to up date my blog. I’m a bit nervous this morning… I’m going for my monthly Doctor’s appointment for my weight issues and my personal goal is 5 pounds. This appointment is actually about 3 weeks since my last once (scheduling issues) so I am a bit anxious.


I know I have been eating better and exercising but sometimes the scale can be unkind. We’ll see. 


I had a dream the other night that I have been thinking about a lot for two days. I have been afraid of dogs for as long as I can remember. This fear of dogs is something I think about everyday, really every time I walk out doors in fear of a loose dog. In the dream I wasn’t scared and in the dream I even made note of that fact. I went so far as to be petting a huge dog. 


In the same dream I saw my BFF from the west. I’m not sure if she was coming here for a visit or I was visiting there but we were hugging and laughing and crying, saying how great each looked. (we both have body image issues). I can’t remember if I was fat or skinny. I often worry we will never actually see each other again although we speak almost daily. 


And then in the dream there was a third thing that seemed to have resolution that has been somewhat of a…. I don’t know if I would say fear but more of something that has been nagging at me for several years. 


Then last night I had another dream. This one was interrupted by the stupid alarm clock so no resolution. This one is another one of those nagging things. It is something that I do believe part of my heart feels in someway was left unfinished. I’m not sure why or how to move past it but I desperately want to.


I wondering if once I get these four things that weigh on my mind a lot  controlled, resolved and/ or dealt with how that would impact my eating.   


I know I have a fifth thing I only reserve to think about every once in a while but one horse (or four) at a time right?      


Where is he? I want him NOW!

This afternoon at pick up we had a bit of a situation. I was picking JM up in the car loop at school, when it was my turn I was directed to the first of six car positions after JM’s name was called. Due to walking children and adults when I passed by the spot where his class sits I did not take my eyes from the road having faith JM was in the class spot and knowing he would be walked to the assigned position by Ms. S (the T.A.). For a few scary minutes the teachers with the bull horns calling out names were unable to locate JM. His named was called several times and no one seemed able to find him. I got out of my car and looked for JM but I had MD inside and could not leave the car. There were cars all around us leaving with their children and I could not see the class spot. At some point a teacher said JM must have been put on a bus to go home, in that moment I assumed they were unable to locate him in the class location and I was very frightened. I started shaking like a leaf and the parking lot started to spin. I started crying and three teachers came up to me assuring me he would be found. As it turned out JM was right where he was suppose to be just not listening for his name. That has been the single scariest moment of my life to date. It is odd how the body reacts to certain things. I could not control the crying or shaking and my only thought was where my child is. 


I will say there was one positive that came out of this situation; I did not deal with this situation in the after mass with food. 


In addition to 30 minutes on the bike I did in the afternoon, this evening instead of snacking I walked with intermitted running on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Even when I wanted to order out pizza because of the JM situation in the car loop, even when my sweet loving enabler of a spouse wanted to order out after hearing about the JM situation I would not do it! I stuck to the dinner I had planned and we all ate it and it was fine. I was fine! 


Nine days in a row with great food choices and some form of exercising everyday. I am so proud, now to just keep it up!   

Oh please let me keep this momentum, please please…

I know this blog has been consumed with diet and exercise and a bit of me patting myself on the back but A. I need all the motivation I can get B. That is what is happening in my life right now and C. It’s my blog.


Sunday went great I walked on the treadmill and even ran intermittently. My food was under control as well. I still crave food at night but I do see where it is getting a little bit easier. The craving is strong but I just need to stay focused. I feel like I have come a long way and I can not stop now. I am feeling good and surprisingly motivated.  I took MD to cooking class. The class was at a bakery and not only did I not eat MD’s leftover éclair we left right after class when all the other moms stayed and had muffins, pastries and other yummy goodness. I took MD to the park instead and we played and I walked in a circle around the playground then we ran the length of the soccer field. She beat me, legitimately but I’m not embarrassed to admit that. A month I wouldn’t have gone to the park, two weeks ago I would have sat on the bench, and today I left the park with a sense of pride not only did I have the energy to play with my child I ran with her. Her giggle is like tiny musical notes to my ears.


I feel good I actually think I may get on the bike this afternoon but I have a PTA meeting to go to at 6:30. But I have a plan for dinner so all in all I feel very positive. 


Oh please let me keep this momentum, please please…   


Weekends are always hard when one is on an diet plan. Actually I really need to stop referring to me being on a diet but rather to eating and living healthier. Anyways the weekends are hard; dad is home everyone wants to relax etc.. One thing I have done for the past six or so years is I like to go to yard sales every Saturday morning. When we lived out West I had a friend who did all the driving and I did all the eating. Normally I would get McDonalds on my way to her house and we would drive around a few hours, spend some money and have great grown up conversations. Since we moved home to the South my yard sale mornings have dwindled in number due to lack of sales around here for some reason and I don’t really enjoy doing it alone either. Well this morning there were six community sales so even though I had to go alone I was going!!!


I decided when I took on this next try at diet and exercise I would “rest” on the weekends. But I would stay in control. This morning I got up with a plan, armed with  my list of the six communities having yard sales (in the order of importance), my normal 20 single dollar bills and my 25 hidden “emergency” money, my granola bar and a bottle of water I was ready. I hoped to get to the first one at 7am the second one by 8 or 9 and hit the third one by 10:30 or 11 (if I had any money left) and then would see where I was.


Well HA! After four hours, only one community and $45 dollars later I headed home. I was alone this morning which was sad. It made me miss my AZ BFF so much! (more then normal!!)


I got some great deals but I think the best one was the Reebok RT 245 exercise Bike for only $25. The lady just wanted it taken from her driveway which I can not tell you how many times I have said that about that being the purpose of yard sales. It was at the first house I stopped at and there was (I kind of felt bad) this lady who walked up a fraction of a second after me said she wanted it but I was already handing the seller my money and thank goodness it did not turn into any kind of bidding war. I’m wondering if the seller was secretly hoping? 


Anyway I got it home and went 13 minutes and collapsed…I was trying for 30 minutes but my legs but mostly my butt was screaming! But I was sweating and my heart rate was up. Now 5 hours later my legs are still shaky. And considering I wasn’t even planning on exercising over the weekend. I’m pleased. To make it even better I had enough energy to go outside with my family and kick the soccer ball around with MD while Daddy and JM played catch. It was so very Norman Rockwell and I was am active participant not a watcher in the window. Then we all came inside washed up and napped for three hours so it will be a late night tonight.


The cherry on top was my eating has been great. I had a granola bar for breakfast, a tortilla wrap for lunch and then when I wanted a snack, though I knew I wasn’t hungry that is when I decided to jump on the bike and the feeling passed. Now it’s dinner and while we are having homemade grilled out hamburgers with loaded baked potatoes it is still the weekend and over all not that bad of a food choice as long as I keep up the not snacking in the evening.


* Yesterday was a good food day and I did the Jillian Michaels Kickbox DVD!

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