30 Days :: 06

Where have I been you may ask??? I’ve been hiding indoors with multi layers on!!! It’s freakin’ cool! I live in the South and it is NOT suppose to be this cold here!

Seeing a Palm tree with ice on it (even if it is only on the tips) is just wrong!

No that’s not water, it’s ice!


30 Days :: 05 Marshmallow Mania Day

We have been on winter break for almost three weeks now….. It has been a lot of fun! I have spent really good quality time with the kids. Today we hosted Marshmallow Mania Day. Just goes to show Marshmallows don’t have to be roasted to be fun! They had a creative day of building. The kids constructed all kinds of fun things with marshmallows and tooth picks! (and then ate afew along the way)MD won’t let me get rid of her “creations” now the soft pillows of marshmallows are crusty and hard but I will leave them on the table until she is ready. Her and her little friend sat and built for so long it was just adorable!

Fun was had by all.

**Thank you Teach Mama for the Marshmallow Mania idea! Check her blog out Here.

30 Days :: 04

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30 Days :: 02

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Letting loose!

30 days :: 01

  The idea of 30 Tiny Moments was started by SouleMama two years ago. It was to document the right now in her family life by photographing the ordinary and simple little moments of their days. 

 I have done it as well for the past two years and thought I would give it a go again this year.

So here we go;


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