I hear a bell ringing….

Well as predicted the 73 days of summer just flew by! It seems in just a blink of an eye…. I saw my now 1st and 3rd graders off this morning armed with summer projects, lunchboxes, backpacks and first day of school teacher gifts in tow. With a few words of encouragement, a hug and our signature “finger” kiss, out the van door they flew and I was driving away just like that. I can hardly believe it. I remember as a kid the school year and then eventual summer seemed to drag on and last forever. Then as the highschool years were upon me it went faster but now… well it seems just yesterday they were babies in my arms.

Whelp there you have it… another year has officially started and with that brings…. Girls Scout and Boy Scout meetings, Cooking Club, Gymnastics, Glee Club and maybe soccer and Chess Club. Busy as always.

I tell you I’m not the only sad sole that the kiddos aren’t here all day….

Here are the teacher gifts I made last night. I followed this tutorial at The Pink Elephant Blog. I printed the saying from this website.

Dog Days of Summer

I can not even believe the summer is only 12 days from being over. I have to go back to my part time teaching job (my bank account is sighing as I type this). But the kids have to go back to school. BOOO Now we love our school. It’s total tree hugging, hippie, environmental Charter School. It’s just the kind of school I always saw in my minds eye my kids attending but I just miss the days of tours, playdates and educational moments with mom. I know my little birds need to go out and fly on their own but I hate every moment. All I see is them getting further and further away. At times I can see it for what it truly is, them becoming their own people, learning to be the people they are on this planet to be. But I miss the PJ days, the days we can just do whatever we please and having no schedules or anyone to answer to.

We did have a great summer filled with lots to share. I have several posts to write about all our summer adventures but I think I will be smart this year… and I think I will be saving them for November to write and post. It’ll be cold then and we will need to remember the warm days of summer plus if I participate in National Blogging Month again (one post a day for a month) I will have it made.

I will share we here in the Crazy house had a baby come to live with us!!! This baby needs constant attention, he needs me to get up at 3am each night with him and he is crazy cute! His name is Zeus. We rescued him from the local animal shelter and he is a 9 week old Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. We all love him tons!
He does tucker out easy though. 🙂

We are heading out tomorrow to the Lake house for a last vacation of the summer. I know that week is going to fly by but the lake, pool, hot tub, boat, nature hiking and solitude is calling me. Everyone is excited including the big Z!

And More Trips

Well my trip to Phoenix was a success! Tons of fun was had, more food then I wish to admit was consumed and talks into the wee hours of the night was shared. It made me realize just how much I miss one of my BFFs! It was hard leaving and I looked like a total freak as I cried for about an hour while I waited to board my plane to go home. She reminded me she is just a phone call away and that is true. I also miss my old home town, while it was hot it was a dry heat it is so very different then the heat here in the South. We had a fun time the four days I was there and the trip ended with a cool concert where we saw Night Ranger, Foreigner and Journey. (Journey was my favorite). It rained on us for about the last half hour but I thought it added to the experience. Plus I got to stand by her super hot brother the whole time!!

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