One Month Already

Today this perfect little life is one month old. Time is pasting so quick, especially when you are happy. He is just so sweet.nate 1 month He never cries unless there is something wrong. He is sleeping almost all night with only one 3 am feeding and is so cuddly. He loves to held and kissed. I is loving the Moby wrap. He has a clogged tear duct so his right eye is goopy a lot and his cheeks are so red and dry. I’m not sure what to do about either things but they don’t seem to bother him. This month I took him to my Origami Owl company meeting, SOAR> There were about 750 designers there and this baby was perfect. I was hoping for him to meet Bella but she wasn’t there. He did get to meet Bella’s little brother so that was kind of cute.1690683_10202834801181998_648190503_n

What does happiness look like?

Today was the coldest day in my state on record since 2009. Sadly the big kids had to return to school from winter break today and daddy returned to work from “bonding” time with the baby. Today was the first time in 20 days I have been alone with him, the first time my feet no longer are as swollen as balloons and the first time I really realized my schedule will have to change.

Today I had planned to drop the big kids off at school, meet a customer to buy two Origami Owl Lockets, go to my dads to takes some pictures of stuff he wants me to post for sale, take my van in for service and have a networking lunch meeting. With the temperature below freezing what I actually did is drop the big kids off, meet the customer in the school parking lot (another mom) and come back home to snuggle. The baby and I napped, watched a few 80’s movies and I ate about 10 cookies.

I think this is the first time I am really seeing my schedule will have to change with the arrival of this little boy. I think I am ok with that. I could stare in his eyes all day. I am so totally in love with this baby. This is what happiness looks like!
Day 20; first time home alone together.

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