Who is Crazy mom?



Hi I am Crazymom and I am a SAHM and I love being an Independent Designer with Origami Owl Living Lockets. Here is My Website and my FaceBook Fanpage. You guessed it…… you have stumbled on one of the many “mommy” blogs. In 1998 I married my soulmate (Crazydad). We have three wonderful children, our oldest is a boy (JM), and our girl is (MD) who is the middle child and our youngest is sweet baby boy NP.


As a family we take strides everyday to be earth friendly but know we could do better. When our children were small we cloth diapered them, breast-fed them, co- slept and we still practice Attachment Parenting. I have a blog to vent and express myself.

 I try not to use our real names to protect the innocent and my sanity.


Motherhood is so much harder then all those parenting manuals made it seem. From the fact all babies don’t know how to latch on to money doesn’t grow on trees. But with that said motherhood is so much more then I could have hoped for.


Enjoy my blog and feel free to comment away.



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