A letter to me.

Dear now me,


I know you are scared. I know you are afraid. Change is scary. But think of the possibilities. Think of why you need to change. Be the women you want to be. Be the women you can be proud of.


 Nothing in life worth having is easy or free. Good things have a price but I know you are worth it. I know you have value, even if you don’t always see it that way.


Stop trying to be everything to everyone all the time and focus on yourself. I know at times this feels like the craziest, scariest thing you have ever done and maybe it is but it will be worth it. IT WILL BE WORTH IT. I have faith in you. I am writing my story now. I am going to be one of those people who stands up and says I did it and so can you. It all starts here. It starts now. Have a little faith in yourself because you are stronger then you realize.


Months from now you will look back at tomorrow and realize you are a fighter and you are winning this battle. You can do, just don’t quit on me now.


Love, Future me

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