What does happiness look like?

Today was the coldest day in my state on record since 2009. Sadly the big kids had to return to school from winter break today and daddy returned to work from “bonding” time with the baby. Today was the first time in 20 days I have been alone with him, the first time my feet no longer are as swollen as balloons and the first time I really realized my schedule will have to change.

Today I had planned to drop the big kids off at school, meet a customer to buy two Origami Owl Lockets, go to my dads to takes some pictures of stuff he wants me to post for sale, take my van in for service and have a networking lunch meeting. With the temperature below freezing what I actually did is drop the big kids off, meet the customer in the school parking lot (another mom) and come back home to snuggle. The baby and I napped, watched a few 80’s movies and I ate about 10 cookies.

I think this is the first time I am really seeing my schedule will have to change with the arrival of this little boy. I think I am ok with that. I could stare in his eyes all day. I am so totally in love with this baby. This is what happiness looks like!
Day 20; first time home alone together.

30 Days :: 08

Today MD and I hosted a very small group art playdate. I forget which blog I got the idea from but if it was yours, I thank you and leave a comment so I can give you credit. We had five kids; two 3 year olds and three 4 year olds and it was a perfect number. I covered the table and told them to go to town. They had markers, crayons, watercolor, stamps, paint (with q-tips as brushes) and stickers. They would have worked longer if they had more room. I think next time I’ll cover more tables and I will put two kids per table. It went much better then I though it would and the moms were even able to get some talking in. When the kids were finish creating they just played. At the end of the playtime I cut up each child’s section of the paper to take home. Over all success of the process!


ETA: oh I found who’s idea it was for group art: it was Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth . Thank you for your great and fun idea! Oh and on a side note the kids did get me on Splash Mountain…

job update

Well over the last week I have decided to baby sit part time again and do my crafting to earn money. While my “magical dream” job is still waiting for me the timing is off for now. After my third successful interview with one more to go, I spoke to the head of the HR department she seemed impressed with my resume and understood my timing issues. She said she highly encourages me to reapply when the time is right. She said they would love to have me (you know pending a drug test). 


While the money would have been nice I’m just not ready to go back to work full time. I know the hours would have been not too bad to deal with (afternoon to evening) but there would be things I would miss that I don’t want to miss all in the name of money. I have dreamed of being the one that JM returns home from school to. I promised myself long ago MD would get the same kind of attention from me the last two years before she goes to school as JM did the first two years before she was born. Plus it is only money…. And these years won’t be repeating themselves.


In other news hmmm I guess there isn’t any other news. Ok then I guess….. be well.

*cyber fist bump*


What your kisses aren’t magic?

Sometimes I feel like I’m spinning and the world is whizzing by me. I know I haven’t really gone into detail about JM’s preschool situation. I’ve wondered why I haven’t and I finally realized it was because of all my internal struggle I’m having with it. I decided it’s not worth it and this will be his last week at preschool.  

In five short months I will lose him forever to endless school, grade school, middle school, high school… college. Just because this preschool program he is currently in is free through the state I see now that is just not a good enough reason to put him in it.  

It has taken me four and a half months to figure that out but here it is. This time last year I was thinking kindergarten would only be half day and that wouldn’t be for another year to him being in three hour preschool everyday. I’m not sure why I let him go against my better judgment. Maybe I thought he needed it, not for social skills he is a very social child but for “stay at home mommyitise”. I do recall a certain muffin paper and green strawberry stem eating incident that might have convinced me my baby boy was leading a shelter life only a child of a stay at home mother leads. But what it has taken me four and a half months to realize is SO WHAT! So what he likes the crusts cut off him bread and still needs wants me to put his shoes on for him. So what he still sleeps with his Bo and thinks a kiss from mom fixes everything… so what.

 All too soon will he realize the truth and why rush that.    

Just a good day.

Today was one of those really good mommy days. You know the one, where everything is just how I imagined it would be when I was a small girl playing house and dreaming of how my family would be one day.  

We all slept late and it is cold here so everyone wore footed jammies so the patter of little feet was heard all morning. Then we went to a kids cooking class, where my kids got full on into the measuring, pouring and spreading when everyone else’s kids were just licking the spoons. (I’m sure that was because my kids seem to be the oldest). Then we played at the open gym playtime with many children. They had a blast and were just so creative in their playing. They have past the stage where kids just toss the toys around the room and they no longer dump basket upon basket of toys on the floor for no reason and walk away. They asked all the good questions showing their little minds are hard at work and let loose when the bubbles and parachute came out.  

They both had one of those rare moments when their behavior matched the cute clothes they were wearing and they remembered their manners as if the Queen herself was their teacher. 

Yes it was just that kind of day when I had a perma smile on my face and everything went right. It was one of those days when I am quite certain at least three other moms were wondering what kind of drug I am on to be so relaxed and happy and how they could get their hands on some.    

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